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  1. bld 25

    2.5" coil recone

    thanks for the reply. So would these be arsenal parts and still retain good SQ?
  2. bld 25

    2.5" coil recone

    thanks! did the prices go up a little? Can you do a dual 2 so i can use this for HT?
  3. bld 25

    2.5" coil recone

    hey, i have a destjl built E15k (with the boob cone and blue e), and i spoke to nick via email a few months ago about a recone. I am just wondering if these would basically be arsenal parts, and how the sub would compare to the original. The e15k and the 15 arsenal have similar specs, xmax, and box requirements, so i figure this would be a good match. Just curious, and i may find out what that would cost if this is a good match. thanks brian
  4. bld 25

    X series clearance

    any left?
  5. bld 25

    TC going belly-up

    amazing customer service for sure from mike!
  6. bld 25

    Good box for an RLP-12?

    i really liked mine in my 2.0 at 28, but i would probably try 1.8 at 32 just to see if i had time. do 2.0 at 30 if you want a little more output.
  7. bld 25

    MLI-65 users

    i really like mine. I tried the other day boosting up the midbass and cutting off the high pass, and they were taking it very well. NICE midbass in my opinion, and they sound good up top also.
  8. bld 25

    tc2k+ recone

    i have a tc2 motor which is a little smaller, and they are nice subs. On a side note, don't you love waiting forever for an answer?
  9. bld 25

    Who is using M5A MLI-65's in a 2 way?

    That's about 10KHz short of where I'd start to consider something marginally "full range" Yeah, i mean that the rolloff was as such that a crossover may not be needed.
  10. bld 25

    12" RL-p Questions

    yeah, winisd is weird for the RL-P. 1.8 at 30 is a great enclosure. I have had mine at 1.6 low 30's, and 2.0 at 28, and both sounded great.
  11. bld 25

    Why does the RL-P model so strangely?

    Oh, i am not complaining. I like the sub, i was just curious. I have had it in 1.6 to 34, and 2.0 to 28, and it sounds great in both. Louder in the 1.6, but crazy deep in the 2.0.
  12. I have been learning to use winisd beta, and it is really strange how the rlp models. it suggests like a .4 cube box with a port freq of 38hz. When i punch in 2 cubes at 28, it has an odd peak very low, and is like 2-3db down as the freq increases. Conversely, i also have an ED 13ov.2, and it models quite linearly in similar boxes. ( i have run them both in the same box, and they do sound quite similar) any ideas?
  13. bld 25

    Who is using M5A MLI-65's in a 2 way?

    in the zaph test, it is pretty smooth up to about 4.5k, and then a steep drop, which some say allows for playing full range with no problems. there is a slight dip at 2k, but that can be eq'd. The ability to play up that high creates many options for tweeters, as most good ones can go to at least 4k with no problems. Good luck!
  14. bld 25

    how much for a tc2+ recone kit?

    hmm.....thanks for answering questions robert. So i have a box that is 2.6 cubes net for a 15", would i be way off for this one? Or is there no way to ever know with a frankensub?
  15. bld 25

    how much for a tc2+ recone kit?

    oh, and my original question included the price for the 15" basket. Was that included in your quote? thanks!