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    05 sable 2 zcon 18s on 10k in b-pillar walll

    Dude, wow. Stellar numbers for this build. I'll be curious if you manage to hit or break 156! I'm just about done building my wall, 260 amp alt is currently being built. So much more to go, but not much before i can at least get the zcons playing. Your build has definitely been a huge inspiration to me, thanks for keeping this thread going!
  2. mikebingham34

    2 18 Zcon wall help

    Hello all, I have been away from the forums for some time since graduating college and started working again. Now that I have some money to finally move away from these seemingly low powered setups (6 systems since 2012), I am looking for help with my wall build. I am going to be building the base to the wall in my 2016 Ford Focus sedan in a week or two, and there is a lot of room to work with (over 30 cubes). I will be running 2 18" ZCONs on (undecided) either a 5.5k or 6.5k amp with supporting electrical (batt bank, lots of OFC wire, and HO alt). This is my daily, and I just want a ground pounder with no care to what numbers it'll put up in the lanes. I would like to demo a lot. I'm thinking 8 cubes per sub (16 cubes net) tuned to 32 Hz is a good place to start (recommended by SSA). I'm thinking either a center slot port, or a top port. ** I listen to ALL kinds of music, Decaf/DJSNT, rap, hip hop, metal, rock, 80s/90s pop, jazz, country, movie scores, blues, dubstep/electronic, classic rock, oldies, etc, etc..** Now... my questions are: How much port area do y'all recommend? Is 8 cubes of net volume per sub a good amount? Should I be alright running an underrated 5500 watt amp, or go with the 6500? What port orientation shall I go with? If I think of more questions, I will be sure to post them. P.S. Sorry if I am asking some questions that are common knowledge among these builds, but this is my first "loud" and "high powered" setup. My two loudest systems thus far have been a single Obsidian Audio 15 on about 900 watts, and 2 Sundown Ev3-12's on 1300 watts. Thank you for your time and patients everyone! Cheers.
  3. mikebingham34

    05 sable 2 zcon 18s on 10k in b-pillar walll

    Looks real good! What gauge/how many runs wire are you using from the alt to the trunk? I'm picking up a 240 amp alt shortly for the taramps 8k and I have no idea if i need more than 1 run of 1/0 ofc...etc
  4. mikebingham34

    2 18 Zcon wall help

    Hmmm, on the fence now between a Taramps 8k and Soundigital 8k. Taramps is far less expensive, but the SD is still a good value. How is the 10k treating you?
  5. mikebingham34

    2 18 Zcon wall help

    Thanks for pointing out your build log. I like that you actually kept up with the posts and gave a great overview of the major steps. Money isn't a huge concern, I mean sure I'd like to pinch pennies, but I have been doing that since 2011 (I'm only 23)... So I am basing my budget off of what amps (and all their competitors) cost. I can get a 6500 for $1400 (Audio Legion), but am starting to look at a Brazilian board like your Taramps. May consider SounDigital. Probably smarter to have a larger amp and slowly build up electrical rather than regretting buying a 5.5k. I digress... How do you like the 10k Taramps thus far? Also, do you recommend the 33Hz tuning, or should I go for 34-35? According to SSA, any of those number are within the recommended tuning range for the newly revised ZCONs. Thanks for your help!
  6. mikebingham34

    SA-10 Enclosuure Help

    Hey everyone, First off I wanna apologize for changing my mind so much. My financial situation has changed, so my future setup ideas have too. Even though I have not followed through with other plans ya'll have helped me with, I have learned a lot for each comment or post I read. On to the enclosure idea. I will be getting a single SA-10 D2 as soon as my current setup sells. I will be running it off of a BRZ1200 @ 1 Ohm (for headroom). My goals are for it to be decently loud (I have had an E-12, hope to be comparable to that), and flat sounding for all music types... From dubstep to decaf to classic rock to country. It will be in my daily which is the trunk of a 2000 Honda Civic Sedan (DX EJ6, D16Y7 Auto). I am planning on building an enclosure that is 1.4 cubic feet, with a 17" long, 4" aeroport, tuned to 34.8 Hz. My questions are as follows: Is the box too large? I commonly see Jacob recommending 1-1.25 cubes for a ported SA-10. Should I keep the 4" aero? It gives 9" of port per cube (high end of the spectrum for an aero) Or go with a 3", or just go slot port... If I go slot, what kind of port area should I use? Lastly, is that a good tuning? I would like an F3 around 28Hz. Thank you for all your help, as always.
  7. Hey everyone, this post/question is mainly directed toward the big guy. I am wondering which SSA sub you would recommend to me given these limits/stipulations: 2014 Honda Civic Sedan 1500 Watts on tap (Crescendo Symphony 1500) LIMITED SPACE... I am only looking to build and install an enclosure no larger than 1.5 net cubic feet. That being said, I have been considering either a 12" ICON sealed. A 12" XCON sealed (XCON being the most I can afford). Or, one of those two in the 10" variety, ported. This is for a daily driver, and I will need as much trunk space I can get, but still get loud and sound good. What is your input? Anyone else, feel free to chime in.
  8. mikebingham34

    Question for Aaron, which SSA sub

    Thank you guys both for your time and help, after reading over your input, and some further deliberations... I have decided I will go with a 10 inch XCON in a nice ported enclosure.
  9. mikebingham34

    Welcome Exo Contralto to his new Section at SSA!

    This is awesome! He is my favorite YouTuber, welcome Exo!
  10. mikebingham34

    Dcon time. New Photos & Info

    Should we guess where you would tune them? Hahaha, If you wanna call it a guess Every system of mine gets tuned to the same frequency
  11. mikebingham34

    Dcon time. New Photos & Info

    Seriously considering doing 2 of these next season to replace my obsidian 15 v2. more cone area and better space efficiency (for my situation) plus ive always wanted ssa, being made in the usa, and the rave reviews about them
  12. mikebingham34

    What's the next sub you want?

    Sounds like a no brainer, MMAG Primo all day!
  13. mikebingham34

    Opinions on Rockford p3 compared to sundown SA

    I have had awesome results from both new gen rockfords and sundown. I would push you toward sundown because of the cs, and its "less" mainstream, but both are great pics.
  14. mikebingham34

    DB's doing to your hearing?

    My ears have been ringing for as long as I can remember (Age of 3). Most noticeable when there is a lack of noise. Learned to live with it. (19 yrs old now)
  15. mikebingham34

    How hard is it to build a box?

    I have been building my own enclosures for a while now, and have always used a circular saw and cutting guide, as mentioned, measure twice, cut once. But the one type of tool that made the biggest impact in ease of assembly, hands down, are bar clamps. Everything went together and lined up perfect. I cant imagine how else I would do it anymore. I also recommend corner clamps. Attach one board a little off, and its all screwed up. Sub enclosures need to be precise, they are one thing that has almost no margin for error. Takes time, effort, patience, thought, planning, etc. Best of luck to you.
  16. Enclouse tuned out JUST LIKE my 3D model, so happy with it.

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    2. EPerez


      Uhh ohh not fitting?? My heart dropped when that happened before lol

    3. mikebingham34


      Yep, I panicked a little because all my measurements were correct, but after a little metal bending, and some pushing, it went in through the back seat >:D

    4. EPerez


      I've had to do that a few times lol

  17. Hey everyone, I'm looking for a deal to buy an XS Power D975 as a replacement for my Civic's group 51 interstate. Although, I can't find anywhere that has deals on even the brand. Any help? Thanks
  18. mikebingham34

    Any deals on XS Power?

    Much appreciated. Found what I was looking for for 18 bucks less. I was sure excited until I saw the $44 shipping charge. *Sigh* I was hoping to give SSA my business, but I guess I will pick it up at Amazon or Sonic Electronix for regular price and free shipping. I will save a ton more that way.
  19. If he gets the alt first, he might over charge his current battery, and kill it. So, in my opinion, go with the battery, then down the line do the alt, that way, you have a proper battery pair with the alternator.
  20. mikebingham34

    Amp advice

    Fi has super long wait times on everything from email responses to recones to drivers..... It's bad. Their product is still great, but customer service is not their forte right now.
  21. mikebingham34

    Amp advice

    This is a good point. And just like OP said, the SSDs do pound
  22. mikebingham34

    Amp advice

    From what I hear the ICONS knock pretty hard and sound amazing. But like your amp choices, all great options.
  23. Itching to pre order my OA-15v3. Money in hand Obsidian!