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  1. Captain Kev

    2 Havoc 12" Install

    It sounds very good to me. I haven't heard any SQ or true LSQ setups, so I can't give you a good idea of how it sounds. I'll just say much better than the BTL's. Here's a short horrible clip until I get back and can get a better vid. More info next week. I'm out. [url="http://s175.photobucket.com/albums/w150/kdawg_2005/Havoc/?action=view
  2. Captain Kev

    2 Havoc 12" Install

    Thanks for the compliments. I'll try to get some vids up, but it will be awhile. I can offer you some grainy cell phone video tomorrow. Hopefully it will hold you over until I can get a decent video recorder. I'm leaving for Florida Friday for Spring Break. I'll get some better vids up as soon as I get back.
  3. Captain Kev

    2 Havoc 12" Install

    I finally got around to building the box for my Havoc 12's. The second one arrived last week, but I just hadn't had time to work on it. Here's a few pics of the box. It 4.3^3 @ 36hz w/ double front and rear baffles.
  4. Captain Kev

    Mayhem series

    I have heard of the Mayhem series. It is supposed to become an improved version of the BTL. That is only hearsay, so I can't give any facts.
  5. Captain Kev

    BTL 12 help please

    You might as well get it with every upgrade w/ daily option (unless you will be using it for comps only)
  6. Captain Kev

    1911 pictures

    Hmm...I've been thinking about trading my XD-40 Tactical for one of these. If you've had any experience with the XD, what are the pros and cons b/w these two guns? And what happened with the gun and your arm?
  7. Captain Kev

    new pictures.. 18 - 15's

    Sick! What vehicle is that in?
  8. Captain Kev

    New Havoc 12

    No problems. I'm ordering my 2nd 12" tomorrow. After hearing the 12, I can only imagine how loud a 15 will be. Everday I get in my car, the sub seems to be louder than the day before........... I guess I'll be disappointed when it gets finished breaking in.
  9. Captain Kev

    New Havoc 12

  10. Captain Kev

    New Havoc 12

    I took the LD out of the loop and now everything is fine.
  11. Captain Kev

    Sound problems

    turns out you were right shizzon. The gains on the LD were a tad to high. I do need to add a second battery in the near future when I get another Havoc. Thanks for the help.
  12. I have a samll problem and maybe someone here knows what is happening. I have a line driver on my amps so here it goes. I turned the gains on the LD up to about 1/2 way. I then proceeded to set the gains on the amps using a DMM and 50hz test tone to volume level 26 on my HU. Everything was good until I played music. It doesn't seem to matter which song I play. When I get to about 22-24 (depends on song) the sub amp cuts off. It's not in protect mode it just turns off entirely. My door/dash speakers warble, then go to producing a clicking noise. If I turn the car off and let it sit for a couple minutes, everything works fine when I turn it back on. Keep in mind that it started doing this after 30mins of high volume play time. Is something getting hot or am I not doing something right?
  13. Captain Kev

    FeedBack **Positive**

    bamatahoe Great seller and easy to deal with.
  14. Captain Kev

    New Havoc 12

    It is a Dual 1ohm sub. Scott hooked me up with it. I'm not completely sure what it is. I think I'm going to take it out of the box and free-air it to see if I can pinpoint it.
  15. Captain Kev

    New Havoc 12

    Here's one more low quality.