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  1. I'm going a different way with my build which means these have to go. They are all used, but not abused. I take care of my stuff and actually don't beat on them that hard or that much. All are 9/10 cosmetic only because they were used/mounted. All are 10/10 working. I forgot to get pics of the 12s but they are dual 1s. I will only sell locally. $550 for both. DD m3b - $620 shipped. IA 3.4 - $220 shipped.
  2. EPerez

    F/S Ethos 12s, DD m3b and IA 3.4

    Awesome happy to hear you got what you wanted!
  3. EPerez

    F/S Ethos 12s, DD m3b and IA 3.4

    IA 3.4 and subs sold! DD amp still available
  4. EPerez

    6 18's 60k Yukon

    All those vehicles look sick as hell...especially that caddy!!! Wow that is a lot of sheets of wood haha
  5. EPerez

    F/S Ethos 12s, DD m3b and IA 3.4

    make me some offer!
  6. EPerez

    Happy Birthday Bigjon!!!

    Happy bday man! Hope it was a good one! So did ya get any new stuff for your bday? Like 2 more 15s to wall off? Haha
  7. EPerez

    F/S Ethos 12s, DD m3b and IA 3.4

    Anyone wanna buy my stuff?
  8. EPerez

    F/S Ethos 12s, DD m3b and IA 3.4

    Windows 7 but it was doing it when I had 8 too.
  9. EPerez

    F/S Ethos 12s, DD m3b and IA 3.4

    Thanks guys. Not sure why it's workin for you but when i do it and try to post it, my whole threat freezes up and cant do anything.
  10. EPerez

    CUSTOM SSA XCON's and BOX (if wanted) FOR SALE

    Yea you're missing something! Your subs are overrated garbage and should be lowered to like $300 shipped. JK haha I honestly thought they would have been picked up wayyyy before! I'm very surprised they are still not sold. Good luck with selling them. Wish I had a use for them.
  11. EPerez


    That's how I feel! Complete different language to me lol But I'm sure many will appreciate this info.
  12. EPerez


    I really don't know, had two banks for a BC5500.Ohh really? Did it hold the voltage good?
  13. EPerez


    How much power will this allow you too run?
  14. EPerez

    Ported box for SA-12.

    2" inch is fine man. 45s aren't necessarily important in your build. Won't make much of a difference since you're not going for deebeezz and need every tenth of a decimal. It will help with bracing though.
  15. EPerez

    Ported box for SA-12.

    How much power you gonna be running? Should do just fine. I would add another baffle tho. Put a 1 in for # of extra baffles.
  16. EPerez

    Bassink's 2014 Fusion

    update!!!!Thinking of doing another design for a box now. Whenever I finish this one I will post pics and shit.
  17. EPerez

    Bassink's 2014 Fusion

    So last January I got the new 2014 fusion SE almost all loaded out. I'm doing an audio upgrade but started this week since it's been so damn cold out. It'll consist of: 2 15" DSS Ethos DD m3b Sundown SA6.5 comps (passive) Incriminator IA 3.4 Stock alt (I think 140) Die Hard Platinum G31 2/0 welding supply wire Stock H/U with LC2i I will upload pics later tonight if I get time. I'm finishing the box now. Just putting some extra bracing in then top goes on. Box is 6.5 cubes tuned to 31hz with 2 6" PVC pipes. I know it's not the best but it should do just fine.
  18. Title should read "How does this "Blow-Thru" type box look? 2 12" Ethos. So I wasn't sure if I just wanted to take my rear seat out and do like a half wall with more cone area or not. I came across this idea though before I would do that. I wanna take out the 40 back part of the seat of the 40/60 seats that fold down and then have a long external port from my box come through there and then lay down a board to block the open area so it's sealed off from the trunk. If you don't understand I have pics below to show what I mean. Would this work good though? It would be like porting through the ski-hole armrest in the back seat, but just a larger opening. The external part of the port isn't too long right? Also is 4 cubes with 63in2 of port area good for 2 12" Ethos? I have it at that and tuned to 30.5hz for my 3d Sketch Up. http://i1058.photobucket.com/albums/t403/tbPerez/2014%20Fusion%20Build/ExternalPort_zpsbf2b105c.jpg For the link to the pic above is the model. http://i1058.photobucket.com/albums/t403/tbPerez/2014%20Fusion%20Build/7CF727AF-3FBF-4FB6-BAF2-FD67A9791358_zpsufk5a5fw.jpg For the link to the pic above is of the snap chat drawing I did lol The cyan color is the port coming thru the board which would be red. The green arrow point to the 40 seat that is laying down. I want to remove that.
  19. EPerez

    How does this blow-thru"

    Thanks man I did less port area since I will be using less than rated power.
  20. School and work has been kickin my ass so bad I have no time for anything else! lol Sucks I don't have as much time as I did to be on here as I did before. So my laptop (HP Envy M6) broke last week. I bought a new hard disk drive since that's what was broke on it. Now I need the windows operating system DVD to reinstall windows. It's over $150 that I've seen online and in Walmart. I really don't have the money to be spending like that since I just bought the HDD for $100. My question is, Does anyone have the installation DVD for windows I could borrow? Doesn't have to be windows 8. I just need something. I would just need to install it then I can return it. I'll even pay for letting me download it too. Thanks!
  21. I have no idea what that is or means What is it and how would I get it?
  22. EPerez

    Can it fit

    We need your absolute max dimensions in LxWxH type deal. That's the only way we can tell if you have enough room.
  23. Not sure how I could do that. I'm at a black screen that says "Boot Device Not Found" and "Please install an operating system on your hard disk." I also have the option to do a system diagnostics. Late last week I turned on my computer and it wouldn't boot. I did a test on it and it came up as "Hard Drive Disk Short DST failed" I took it up to bestbuy and the lady said it failed and I had to get a new one. I just received it and put it in, but now it just says I need an operating system install.