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    '93 Honda Prelude

    is that your wife?!
  2. I might be buying a jeep wrangler in 6 months after this semester of school. Currently I have a ssd15 and I was looking at the jeep and I don't think I can fit an optimal box for the 15 in there. I was brain storming and I came up with an idea. I would take the rear seats out and make a box for two 12's facing forward with a big old port in between them. And build a seat on top of the box. Now should I recone my 15 into a 12 and buy another? Or should I sell it and buy either 2 sa12's or 2 Fi x12's? I am going to run a precision power bk1300.1D. And a set of Polk db 6.5 components off a power bass xax(400.2?) 100rms at 2 channels. All help and advice is much appreciated. And any reccomendations of other subs would also be much appreciated. Thanks guys.
  3. Briggiboy33

    01 'Zuk vs 18" xcon

    that build is looking pretty sick. you have to make a video and post it when your done to show the whole run down!
  4. Briggiboy33

    possible ideas for a jeep wrangler.

    2002 wrangler 2 door 4.0l and I was thinking about making the entire rear the box with a big port through the middle facing the front with 2 possible marine subs facing up behind the back of a seat that I would make. So the top of the box would be where the rear passengers sit on with a back rest of course. And behind the back rest would be either 2 12's or 10's. Not exactly sure. But I was thinking buying marine subs so I wouldn't have to worry too much about getting them a little wet.
  5. Briggiboy33

    X reviews?

    i had the old x12 that was rated at 400rms or 300rms i believe a while ago and i loved that sub. it was the loudest single sub set up iv heard on only 400rms. it killed low notes.
  6. Briggiboy33

    possible ideas for a jeep wrangler.

    well i had the jeep all weekend. and it looks like plenty of room. i would put my 15 in but i dont think i could get a box that would be symetrical with the sub out of the way. the deal is if i pass all my courses this semester my dad will buy me the jeep, or any vehicle around that price range that i want. so one of the first things i thought about was my system. if i really cant have a system in the jeep ill look for something else. but the jeep would be a fun toy to have. and yes i could fit a box for 2 12's in there. if not ill get 10's. the question was more about what type should i be researching right now. i have a 1300rms amp that would be running the subs.
  7. Hey guys I've been looking into getting a bass reconstruction processor. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with these and which one I should get. I can not afford the epicenter before its reccomended.. but if you guys could give me advice before I purchase I would really appreciate it.
  8. What is it? And what does it actually do?
  9. Yeah that's pretty much how I was thinking of it.. and just makes sense.. like if a stock stereo runs just fine off a stock battery. Why can't you connect a big battery to a big stereoand have it work just fine also?
  10. Toyota tundra with stock alt, hid lights, 100rms x 2 channel on the doors and 1300rms on the sub. I'm looking into buying a new battery for under the hood because there is no place to install a second battery in my truck with still a fully functional bed and max seating. I was looking at the kinetic 1800 or 2200. Not sure how big I need to go but I'm pretty sure I can squeeze just about as large of a battery as I could find in the stock location.
  11. I went to the car audio shop today and asked if he could help me decide on a battery. He insisted that a larger battery will ruin my truck and won't help with any dimming. He says I shouldn't be upgrading the stock battery size. But he wants me to buy a capacitor... so I left. My current battery has 586 CCA and I was looking at buying the die hard platinum g34which iI believe has about 900cca. Would this be a noticeable difference with like my voltage drop and my lights dimming? I know it will still drop but it shouldn't drop as quickly. And I also was curious about the capacitor. It's a waste of money right? Or would it actually help? My friend has a 2 farad cap that I could prob get for like $20 but everyone on here says they don't work. And again I have a 1300rms amp on the sub and a 100rms x 2ch on the doors. All comments and help is much appreciated.
  12. Yeah I have the big 3 done. But what kind of ratings should I be looking for? Cranking amps? Amp hours? And what would be large enough to not dim my lights while I'm driving? With 1500rms worth of amps. Plus all of the stock electrical. Sorry about the non direct questions guys. I'm learning here a bit aswell
  13. Height shouldn't be a problem. But I'm more looking for how much power I should be looking for so I can search around and look for a cheaper battery I guess. Because they are expencive as fuckkk!
  14. Alright. I was looking into buying an equalizer as well. One with knobs that I could mount next to my seat. So I could try and clean up my door speakers a little bit. I currently have a clarion cx501 head unit.
  15. Alright well I appreciate the help guys. And it seems like this type of processor would make the music sound weird or something. So I think I'm going to pass on getting one.
  16. Well I was hoping to just get more consistent bass from all of my songs. Like some of them sound like they should have bass and just don't. Or the bass is much more quiet then I would have expected. But sound stream has a bunch of them for like $60 bucks. And I figured if they are actually any good then why not? But if I do buy one I want it to actually work well with good sound quality
  17. i currently own a FI SSD15 that i have in the back seat of a 2006 tundra. i dont have enough room for an optimal box so the box is currently about 2.5cuft tuned around 31hz. i have mad a ton of different box designs and i currently can not go any larger on the box so i was woundering if i would gain volume by reconing to a ssd12? any thoughts or advice?
  18. i currently have a pair of polk db 6.5 components. the 6.5s dont go low enough, they are running on a power bass XAX2160FD 100rmsx2 @ 4ohms. i have been thinking about using the tweeters and the xover and installing a pair of peerless 830946 woofers. im not sure where the xover is actually set. but would this work? or what would you guys reccomend? i have a 15" ssd on 1300rms in the back on my tundra access cab. these would go in the doors btw.
  19. Briggiboy33

    Looking for ideas

    what if you just made like a normal rectangle box with a nice thick foam and wrapped it so its comfortable? like a bench seat... idk i guess that would be my thought. just gotta make sure its secured really well incase of an accident. but that goes without saying.
  20. i have a box all designed on sketch up, 4.2cuft tuned about 30hz. the sub will be on the rear passenger side of the cab, it will take the middle seat and the passenger seat in the rear. the sub will aim inbetween the front two seats and the port will either face towards the roof of the cab all the way to the passenger side or towards the drivers side. what would you guys do? originally i was going to face the port towards the drivers side, but if i have a passenger in the back i think it might blow their ear drum a bit... but i am sceptical about aiming it towards the roof because i dont think ill have as much air moving throughout the cab as evenly? idk.. what would you guys do? this is a daily set up running on 1300rms. any help will be greatly appreciated!
  21. is that 1" mdf for the 5.25 speaker rings? amazing work!
  22. hey guys i have a 2006 toyota tundra access cab. currently my sub is in a 2.5cuft box tuned around 32hz. its much too small. it is being powered by a percision power black ice bk1300.1d. and i have been fiddling around on sketch up trying to make a box to fit nice and tight up against my seat in the back passenger side. the box will be roughly 4 cuft with 2 4" pvc ports. will this be enough port area for my sub? the box i have it in now has much too small of a port. i am planning to tune to around 30hz this time. sub will be roughly in the center of the two front seats firing foward, with the ports facing the drivers side. there will be one seat still usable in the rear behind the drivers seat. what do you guys think of this plan? any suggestions? im pretty crafty with the tools, so i was thinking about putting a mdf ring on the end of the ports and flaring them with a router. double baffle flush mounted, and i think im going to need to brace the box a bit this time.
  23. wow... i did my math all wrong... thanks