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  1. So I'm about to build my second sub, but I'm stuck on which dustcap to use. I originally ordered the Carbon Fiber dustcap, but ended up getting the Poly dustcap as a freebie with an order I made. After placing it on the cone just to see what it looks like, I'm starting to wonder if the Poly dustcap actually looks better? What do you guys think? Go with the Carbon Fiber dustcap, or the Poly dustcap?
  2. yautja

    Cracked dustcap on SA-15....

    x2 Just use a blow dryer to heat up the damaged dustcap/adhesive and use a razor to separate the dust cap from the cone. Takes less than 5 mins to do.
  3. yautja

    Solo X 15 (V.2) Sub-woofer build log

    Very nice!!! What type of paint did you use on the top and bottom plate? And did you paint the basket yourself? And I'm guessing you got those spiders from ultra_audio on ebay (he has spiders with the exact style lead setup as yours, which is what I also used on my build). If so, I have asked him and he confirmed they are rated as medium/hard stiffness. You can hit up Zeuslicious on car audio classifieds or caraudio.com and he can sell you soft 10" spiders to help bring that FS down for the next build.
  4. yautja

    Ethos 12 and 15 final pricing and preorder

    How many did you start off with if you don't mind me asking? And are the next batch due in February because that's how long it's going to take to build them?
  5. yautja

    building a hybrid woofer

    I wouldn't worry about it too much. People here like to act like it's impossible to build a decent custom sub but that's just not true. Sure, the first or second time you build one the T/S specs may not be exactly what you want, but with experience you start to learn which parts work well together. For example, below are two custom subs built by a member on caraudio.com (Zeus for those who know him). You'll also see the T/S specs for those subs. I would have no issues running those subs and I'm sure they would perform just fine if not better than a lot of other subs. As far as SPLaudio, I couldn't really tell you what his custom subs are like as I've never played with one. From what I've seen on the forums, he seems to be more of a SPL guy. I have seen a lot of the subs that he builds using multiple medium to hard stiffness spiders (not my cup of tea for a daily driver lol) and I have never seen anyone post the T/S specs of the subs he builds. However I have also never seen any bad reviews on him and everyone seems to like the subs they get from him.
  6. yautja

    Coil Heat Transfer Material

    What ever came of this? Did you ever get a chance to test it in a completed motor?
  7. Red Star Neo huh? Looks pretty sweet! Do they plan on releasing them in the US?
  8. yautja

    Real time coil monitoring.

    Question, can you use this without having to imbed it in the top plate? If so, it seems like a really useful tool to do some thermal testing with custom built subs for the DIY'ers
  9. yautja


    Well if you do need to hire more help I live in Las Vegas. Have been into car audio for 10 years now and have a pretty good technical understanding of things. This username is pretty new by I have much older ones at different forums. I've emailed your company once about this but was told your fully staffed. If that changes please give me a PM
  10. I've read in your other posts that you use SpeaD and Reverse SpeaD to design your motors. Do you happen to use DYNE Analytics MoTIV as well? Only reason I ask is because the picture above is exactly the way it's shown in MoTIV. I've never seen a video of someone using SpeaD so I'm not sure what their graphs or models look like. Thanks
  11. yautja

    SP418 enclosure size

    Sorry it took so long to update. Right now I have the 18" SP4 in a 8cf enclosure tuned to 32Hz powered by my Soundstream Rubicon 2500. However the gains are only set to give it about 1200 watts as I only have a 90 amp alternator without any extra batteries. Voltage is usually around 13.5V but sometimes dips down to 12.5 on really bass heavy songs. I will be upgrading to a 200 amp alt. and some batteries eventually. As of right now I'm loving this sub. It's much louder than the 15" SSD I had in there before and can't wait to give it the full 2500 RMS. I also found that I really like the sound of 18's. The lows are just awesome. I'll try to take some pics here soon and post them.
  12. yautja

    SP418 enclosure size

    It's all good. Already sent an email and they'll let me know when it's ready and I can pick it up. Already refunded my shipping too You should come to a bass ballin comp after you get that installed, its always nice to meet fellow bass heads in Vegas! Sounds good. I've been meaning to go to some comps just to see what I meter but I always forget lol. When is the next comp? I want to get my 15" SSD metered and then see the difference when I get the SP4 installed! Currently have the Rubicon 2500 hooked up to the SSD and it's a bit louder now lol.
  13. yautja

    amp suggestion

    Get two dual 1 ohm SSD's. As far as the amp, I too was thinking of the Hifonics 3000d.1 for my SP4 but after reading a lot of bad reviews on them I decided to go with a Soundstream RUB1.2500D. It puts out 2500 watts at 1 ohm and from the reviews I have read from people who own it, it seems to be a reliable amp and does rated power. You can get them for $329 plus free shipping at onlinecarstereo.com
  14. yautja

    SP418 enclosure size

    It's all good. Already sent an email and they'll let me know when it's ready and I can pick it up. Already refunded my shipping too
  15. yautja

    SP418 enclosure size

    Ordered the sub last night. Only thing left now is to buy a new HO alt. Everything should be installed in about a month. I'll let you guys know how it performs.