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    car audio , fireman, wheelers
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    1989 Honda Accord (stop laughing) :D
  1. Make that a double

    1. jcarter1885


      With sprinkles or without?

  2. 50 shades of I want my fuckin money back. Thats all im saying.

    1. altoncustomtech


      Was it that bad?

    2. frogcase2002


      Kinda stupid lol

    3. jcarter1885


      I guess you liked the book though, haha.

  3. God I love e thugs. Im gonna do this and im gonna do that... then come do it bitch boy.

  4. BobPencille

    15" SSA ZCON D1 with carbon cap

    Oh man wheres my taxes this would sound so good in my blazer! Shipping to 16438?
  5. "You can not imagine how hard it is to hold a half gallon of moo juice and polish the one eyed gofer while doing 75 in an 18 wheeler. "Words of wisdom from the bloodhound gang

    1. frogcase2002


      LOL haven't heard that in yours.... didn't know missing children could be so sexy, did I say that out loud

    2. frogcase2002
  6. BobPencille

    Sundown sa? in 1.50 cubic feet box

    i use an sa 12 in the same size box (due to space restriction) with a alpine 1k amp and it sounds great. now that i got a blazer im looking to upgrade to a ssa 15 or 2 and a stetsom 1k6es2 or bigger. the sa is a great small space sb for the price. just my opinion.
  7. Even though I know - I suppose I'll showAll my cool and cold - like old jobi only wish i had his cool !!!

  8. BobPencille

    Whole system for sale AA,Sundown,Kinetik,Alpine

    keep me in mind if it falls through
  9. BobPencille

    want to buy amp

    a fellow member has a 3500d for 600 if he will get back to me i can move on to getting some subs. but thats the pricing im talkin about. sorry i ment 3k+