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  1. JazzScreamer

    I want to hook my iPhone up to my car factory stereo?

    This might work, but I'm not sure. Maybe someone can help you better than I can. Pac-Audio.com Product Details | iPod Integration for your car and More by Pac-Audio - Connecting you to the future
  2. JazzScreamer

    New Sub System for the Home

    I've finished my HT sub project. I had lots of help from Chad K on this setup. This was actually one of the proto-type models for his now discontinued Conquest design (although mine is in three seperate enclosures). Sub platform consists of 3- 10"Arsenals and a custom Bash 1000W amp (6ohm load). Enclosures are 3.5 cuft tuned to 21hz. My mains are AA Arbiter MTM that I also built a few months ago. The three seperate enclosures allow me to really even out the sub response in the room. They have extreme SPL capabilities for HT and are extremely clean sounding. Music is also extremely good with this setup. I am convinced that multiple smaller subs is the way to go.
  3. JazzScreamer

    Test Tones

    Where can I find some test tones from 20-30hz. I have the 20 hzand 30hz test tones from ROE, but I want all the inbetween (21, 22, 23, etc...) Can some one help me? This is for my HT sub system. Thanks!!!
  4. JazzScreamer

    AA Arbiter TM

    1.0cuft enclosure. I also padded the side walls as well 3" Precision port. I countersunk the port and used bondo for a nice intergrated finish Front view without grill. I still need to do some more detail work on the cosmetics of the enclosure to even out some of the paint flaws. Speaker stand built out of MDF. In between the side panels, I put a 3" PVC pipe and filled it with concrete for some extra weight. Side view of the enclosure. You can't really see, but I still need to put a coat or two and do some more wet sanding and finishing for a nice glossy uniformed look. Side view of the front stage. This also includes the Cynosure Center Channel that I built in December Here is the rear Orb Audio Mod2 speakers Finished port side. I was going to put the terminals on the bottom half of the enclosure, but because of the crossover height on the botton, they didn't fit. No big deal since you can't really see it from the seated position. I will give a review once I get some more time to listen to the setup. My Orb Audio 8" sub will be replaced with a 1000w Bash amp + 3 Arsenal 10". More to come on that a little later.
  5. JazzScreamer

    Precision Port in AA Cabinet

    I modeled the different lengths of the port. Give or take an inch, and it only made a difference of a few hz.
  6. JazzScreamer

    Precision Port in AA Cabinet

    5" Length? That would give you over a 50 Hz tune... Try this website for a Flared Port Calculator. PSP-Inc. Yes 5" . This is for a MTM setup. I'm sure it's in the 50hz somewhere. If I knew the original tuning Freq of this design, then I can figure out the length of the port. I just want to know if the enclosure diagram is specifically for the PP or just a generic PVC port.
  7. JazzScreamer

    Precision Port in AA Cabinet

    Still working on my AA Arbiter and needed help with my Precision Port tubes. The enclosure plans call for a 3" diameter and 5" length port. The enclosure is a 1.0 cu.ft. I have two questions..... 1. What is the tuning freq. of the enclosure 2. Are the dimensions for the port specifically for a Precision Port or is this for your regular 3" tube at 5" length. Reason I ask is because the Precision Port directions have different direction for tuning. I guess this is because of the flare on both sides. I really need some help with this. AA experts I need you. Thanks, Bob
  8. JazzScreamer

    AA Arbiter TM

    Well, back to the AA Arbiter. I'm in the process of building the cabinets and was wondering if I will or should use any polyfill or other material inside the enclosure.
  9. JazzScreamer

    AA Arbiter TM

    How much would a pair be to 75034?
  10. JazzScreamer

    AA Arbiter TM

    Maybe I need to start a new thread to get more replies for a woofer replacement.
  11. JazzScreamer

    AA Arbiter TM

    I did like the midbass of the poly. I have no woofers in my doors and need a pair to replace them because the 2 pairs that I have are going for the HT. Hope that makes sense. Bob
  12. JazzScreamer

    AA Arbiter TM

    Since I've pulled the POLYS out of the truck, I need a replacement for them. I'm looking for a 6.5- 7" driver. This is in a front stage three-way, so I'd like to have the driver more midbass orientated. I'm not looking to spend more than $30-35 bucks a driver, although I like the Peerless SLS. Any suggestions?
  13. JazzScreamer

    AA Arbiter TM

    mlstrass- check your PM
  14. JazzScreamer

    AA Arbiter TM

    You can use the web archive site and punch in ascendantaudio.com and click on one of the links from around 2007. Let me know if this helps. If not I'll post a pic. I believe he suggests using one of his TM enclosures as a center channel. http://web.archive.org/web/20061005110603/...rbiter_MTM.html
  15. JazzScreamer

    AA Arbiter TM

    I am not going to change the tweet. PE does not have them in-stock at the moment and Madisound does. Also, I was unaware that they needed to be placed 4ft from the wall. Would this have to do with the rear port? If I keep them sealed, would I still need to keep them that far away from the wall. Nonetheless, I would still like to make the cabinet a bit slimmer. I will post a build log when I get all my parts in.