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  1. Hondabiker95

    **Is this under warranty?**

    Stock 110A alt, big 3 in 1/0, stock batt up front and a big ass truck (18 wheeler) battery in the back. Not quite up to spec, yes but I think it should have had no problem pushing 1000 watts. (like I said, I knew it was my weakest point and I kept the gain under control accordingly). I never got a chance to hook the amp up to my co-workers DD-1, but there wasnt any audible distortion. But the only thing that sucks is I had the sub on craigslist and was ready to upgrade to a BL when I get my new car. :/
  2. Hondabiker95

    **Is this under warranty?**

    I did notice that even with the SSF on, the sub would still play frequencies well below 25hz. that may have been what happened. However, one coil reads 3ohms on the multi and the other reads nothing at all. the sub was a Dual 1. Guess it's time for a recone.
  3. Hondabiker95

    **Is this under warranty?**

    we get people like that all the time at work also lol. They come in with cheap subs on a cheap amp distorting far beyond all imaginable hell. My boss charges them $35 for us to stick a multimeter on locked up subs to check them xD.
  4. Hondabiker95

    **Is this under warranty?**

    If you set your gain with the punch EQ maxed like I did, so long as you're not clipping, then the bass knob simply allows you to cut bass from your music when you want to. Like I said I am being very conservative with the gain knob, Also considering the failure happened while playing the sub at about 10%, I highly doubt it was a mechanical failure due to over excursion. It's been super hot here lately, maybe that has something to do with this. Either way, I guess tomorrow when I check it out, if it's a bad coil(s) I will just buy a recone.
  5. Hondabiker95

    **Is this under warranty?**

    Any further examination of the sub would require ripping the cone. I took the sub out of the box and looked at the coils, they are the same color they've always been. Rockford's SSF's aren't adjustable it's just "on" from what I read just now that is somewhere from 25 to 30hz.. I don't use any bass boost on the amp, just the included Punch EQ. When I set my gain, I had the knob maxed out, so I wasn't dealing with any clipping issues. Regardless, tomorrow when I meter the sub, if it is a bad coil it's not under warranty right?
  6. Hondabiker95

    **Is this under warranty?**

    Ok so today my dual 1 SSD 18 stopped working for seemingly no reason during very low volume music. The sub is not frozen. I checked the sub with a battery and it did nothing, checked all wires etc. etc. I will check the coils on my multimeter when I get to work tomorrow. The box is build to the specs of the sub 7cu.ft. @ 32hz. Powered with a Fosgate t1500-bd (2ohms and very conservative gain). The coils look normal to me, not black or even dark in any way. Sub doesn't and never did smell like burnt coils. I'm thinking the coil's glue failed. I'm stumped on this really as I've been good to this sub and only had it for a few months. I hope Fi will take care of me and warrant the sub. Also if this is under warranty, do you guys know if shipping would be covered?
  7. Im not exactly sure how to check that seeing as the transaction was done with my debit card and not in my paypal account. My bank account was charged 289.99 the second I placed my order and I haven't seen the money since so I can only assume it went through.
  8. That makes sense although I've only used paypal at my home location . Either way, they shall recieve a call tomorrow.. First I will call FI and just make sure they don't have the payment yet.
  9. I'll give them a call tomorrow. I'm fairly convinced that the UPS email got buried somewhere and Fi simply forgot to update my status. For all I know my ssd could show up at my door tomorrow lol.. I've read around on this forum a bit and that's happened a few times.
  10. It was a debit card lol. That's what I meant. And I do even have a paypal account I just thought that it would take the same amount of time to transfer the money into my paypal account. Anyways if it doesn't clear by monday I will dispute the transaction and say fuck paypal.
  11. Ok So I ordered my SSD 3 weeks ago through Paypal with my credit card and my bank account was deducted the second I finished the transaction.... but, Paypal is still "carrying out the payment" How long does this usually take and if this is normal then Paypal is a pretty shitty company imo because there's really no reason it should take them that long to make this happen!! I mean damn, 3 weeks. Anyways sorry, Im not complaining to you guys. I know FI has nothing to do with this order as of yet. But I just wanted to know if this is a normal thing. I'm going to call Paypal on monday and give them hell. They said up to a week if I remember correctly. Invoice number: I-17454/00 Quantity Name Item number Unit price Total price ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 SSD18 01918 USD 254.00 USD 254.00 Ohm: dual 1 FlatwindCoil: no Cooling: no Dustcap: white Internal_Lead: no ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Amount: USD 254.00 Shipping costs: USD 35.99 Total amount: USD 289.99
  12. Hondabiker95

    Editing my order

    Hi there guys, I was wondering if someone could help me out. I've placed my order a little over a week ago and Paypal is still processing my payment. I wanted to change my dustcap to the Brushed alluminum instead of the white. My order number is I-17454/00.