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  1. arctictwist

    New 10 inch Woofer Decision

    So what I did, since with the one ten I knew there would be plenty, I planned on a storage box on one end. When I was ready to put the wall in for that I had measured out packing peanuts and used them to decide where the sub part of the box ended.
  2. arctictwist

    New 10 inch Woofer Decision

    I scanned through, didn't see the answer. What do you drive? A seat lift can be done relatively cheap and you can make your own box. If you look at my old build thread for my crew cab Silverado, I got some heavy ass C channel to lift the seats, built my own box and fit an Icon 10 in there ported. It hit HARD
  3. arctictwist

    SSA Demon (all new)

    alright cool. have my second vehicle since my last audio install. Getting back into it. I loved my icon so much, gotta stick with SSA!
  4. arctictwist

    SSA Demon (all new)

    do you have recommended/optimal enclosure specs yet?
  5. arctictwist

    '00 camaro SS

    Lookin good! I love my Camaros! I used to have a 97 before I realized I couldn't make two car payments... being in CT the truck won that battle.
  6. arctictwist

    new B2 build. 09 silvy crewcab.

    Yea im sure I would feel the same way if I had little ones!
  7. arctictwist

    new B2 build. 09 silvy crewcab.

    Raising the seats was the worst thing i had to do to make my box. Awesome that you get to bring it back down!
  8. arctictwist

    new B2 build. 09 silvy crewcab.

    glad to see you working on the silverado again. nice equipment! interested in seeing your enclosure. Makes me wonder if i could have gone that route.
  9. arctictwist

    Building a center console

    Does your pioneer allow you to hook up an ipod or iphone? Fiberglass a dock in that bad boy!
  10. arctictwist

    6 SSA GCON'S in 4th order on 2 Soundstream XXX 6500's

    Loving the direction this is going. Nice work so far!
  11. arctictwist

    Is this possible?

    It was the starter fuse though. nothing to do with the aftermarket stuff I did. Thats why i thought the bass, hadnt thought about engine vibe and road conditions over time. Probably that and just coincidental that i had been listening to it loud that day.
  12. arctictwist

    Is this possible?

    So I was driving down to the grocery store the other day and decided to throw the bass nectar station on pandora and turned it up a bit. I have one 10inch Icon on 1200w in my crew cab silverado. I go to leave the store and the truck womt start. So i start checking fuses. I find one fuse in the box is kind of half out. Push it back in and problem solved. The only thing i can think is the bass vibrated it out. Possible? Anyone else have it happen? Fuse box is in the engine bay.
  13. arctictwist

    08 Silverado Build

    Thanks but the icons woukdnt fit in there and theres not enough volume.
  14. arctictwist

    08 Silverado Build

    Small update. Got the center console back in with a small change to it. I ran the usb/aux wires through it. They enter from the passenger side into the top console. The pioneer cable connects there and feeds through the console and out to the center cup holder. I ordered a holder calle the "hercules holder" to go in the cup holder for the phone. Hopefully it works out ok. I gave up on the video from iphone to dash... I mean do i really need to watch you tube on my dash? Also i wanted to add a triple cigarette lightwr outlet inside the top console but when i had it app apart there really wasnt room. So i reassembled it and ill use it when i need it out of the bottom console. I still have not completed the rear door deadening or carpeted the sub box. I was going to CLD tile the roof but theres no rattles and i hear nothing outside the truck, even turned up higher than i listen to it normally. So im in no hurry for that.
  15. arctictwist

    SSA's Evil SS Camaro. 4 Evil 15s and 2 DC 7.5ks