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  1. y 1.6 cubes the subs only need .5 each? if you do a box that is 24" wide 16" high and 12" deep with a 12" long port that is 1.5" wide and 32" deep (wrap it around the box) you will be tuned to 31-32 hertz which is the recommened spec for these subs
  2. tkev77

    Official New Pricing!!!!

    how much would a 1 cube box for two sundown sa8 with black carpet and plex glass face plate?
  3. tkev77

    is it possible???

    this is a really crazy question but is it possible to get re-cones for the new sa-8 v2 in diffrenet colors? i have had a few people ask me this and i told them i would have to ask. thanks,
  4. tkev77

    2 - SA8's box design

    any thing over tuned over 35 hertz for these subs are a bad idea just saying but i have two single boxes made and each box is .5 cubes after displacement bt the boxes are 12" wide 12" deep and 16" with a 12" wide port 2" high and the port is wrapped around the whole box i don't remember the exact mesurments bt its tuned at 32 hertz
  5. tkev77

    SAX-125.4 Prototype In (2012 Model)

    how much is the SAX 1500D??
  6. tkev77

    Sa8 V2 box plans

    im building a box for them same subs my box is .5 cubic feet after port and sub displacement and is tuned to 31 herts its a split box its 27in long 12 deep 16 high and has a larg port area i have yet to build it tho
  7. tkev77

    Post your Audio Setup!!!

    that is so sexy
  8. tkev77

    New SA-8 v.2s came in

    if you were to use them for mid bass i dont really see a problem bt these lil monsters weight 25lbs a reace it would have to be a beefy door panel and thats not counting that the total unit is around 7.5 inches mounting dept if you would do it i would really like to see it tho
  9. its a complete new set up. me and two of my buddies has the same car one car getting 2 sa8 one of the others is getting 4 and the last car is getting 8 its a big show and shine thing and the car with the 8 subs will be a compition car only its o.going to take a while to finsh them all bt it will be worth it
  10. tkev77

    Bassahaulic's a picture a day thread

    damn!!! thats going to sound bad ass
  11. the subs are rated at 500 rms and its never gave me a max i have seen guy put 1000 rms to these subs with no problem you just have to set the amp right but me looking for an amp i found that there are more 1200 watt amp than 1000 watt amps so in my eyes its easyer to get a 1200 than a 1000
  12. yea i ordered daul 4 ohm subs if i wire the in parellel the show a 1 ohm load and i want to run them at 600 rms so that would mean i need a 1200 watt rms amp that has true watts
  13. im looking to spend no more than 300 on an amp i really want a sundown amp but even used they are out of my price range. i can also get a rockford amp bt i dont care for them i always had trouble with thim i want at least a 1200 watt amp for the subs to be at 600 rms to each one at 1 ohm
  14. the amp will be running 2 sundown audio sa-8v2 when i get then on a stable 14.4 volt system big 3 done stock alt and stock battery for now till i get the xs power and all 0 gauge wire with and an eq and the other odds and ends
  15. thanks lol i was just wondering if it was worth it thanks