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  1. TomDaTech

    I need some wire Help . . .

    Ok well I will try to give you all the info your asking for before I do that I will give you some background on the Items that were in the mini van to begin with. Stock head unit Stock 8 inch fold down video monitor Stock DVD player ( Stand alone not integrated ) The unit above the drivers head has Head phone jacks and indivisual volume controls for each It also has a seperate radio control so then the kids are in control of what they can hear in the head phones. Let me explaine a lil further. When I got the van the radio would work real good and the video was fine too but in the owners manual the directions ( this is where it gets wierd for me ) it says to utilize the cars factory speaker system shut down the radio itself. How does that make any sense but the fact of the matter is some how some way the fold down video system powers the rear speakers on its own. This is the part I am getting confused with. How is it that the speakers work that are physically hooked up to the radio when the radio is not on ? My problem is how do I intyergrate the amp and subs into the video audio sound ? I do not have a schematic of the wiring. or anything so I am stumped. The audio is hooked up as a normal aftermarket system. Head Unit Amp. RCA's Power wires Speaker wires So I am not sure anyone can help me but I would really appreciate it I am at witts end I will try to get some pictures up of the items I have in the mini van. Thanks again for the reply let me know if you need more I will write as much as you need me to to get this resolved.
  2. TomDaTech

    I need some wire Help . . .

    Can anyone help me ? I am trying to run the factory video sound thru my head unit. Now I am new to this so be easy with the terms and all . What I own 1999 Oldsmobile Sillhouette JVC El Kameleon Head Unit MTX 12" Sub I am not sure if you need more info but if you do feel free to ask. Now my problem is this when I put on the fold down screen it and have the radio on the rear speakers go off. Its set that way from factory. but to even hear the video trhu any speakers at all I have to totally shut off the hEAD uNIT ( IT DID THIS WITH THE ORIGINAL sTOCK RADIO aLSO) I want to know how and if I can bypass that and set it to go thru the aux. line in my head unit so that the movie can use the sub for greater sound? Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions feel free to ask I am alsways reading and mostly around. Thanks In advanced for those of you who help.
  3. TomDaTech

    Just A little help for everyone

    Yes I am but What I am trying to get thru to most newbies is that its better to buy good now then to upgrade later it gets real expensive for sure but your right you can go alot cheaper.
  4. TomDaTech

    Just A little help for everyone

    Car Audio System Planning What is system planning? It's the process that keeps you from making costly mistakes and ending up with equipment you don't want or can't use. This is what keeps new people from staying in the audio hobby wasting money that they do not have. Here's system planning for most new car audio shoppers. "My friend just got two fifteens for his car and it booms! I just got the same ones he bought but I bought the new million watt amplifier I saw in the magazines. I also bought a new high end head unit but I want to keep my factory speakers because I don't want to spend too much money." Everything sounds OK until you realize that he drives a Mazda Miata and barely has enough trunk space for a bag of groceries let alone the six cubic feet those two fifteens require. Oh, and he also has a premium sound system that requires an $80 adapter to interface with the factory amplified speakers. Too bad he already opened the boxes and now they're not returnable. So what could have prevented this? Planning. Newbies you need to know four things. ( I had to learn these the hard way ) What you want What you have What you're willing to give up to get what you want What you're not willing to give up Here's how it should be done. I want a stereo system that sounds clean and can be heard for three blocks. A Honda Prelude with a factory sound system Money Trunk space for my Anything I am a father so I need trunk space for kids stuff , shopping, toys, other hobbies. so Trunk space is a huge factor for me Now that you know what you want you can figure out how to get it and stay within the set parameters. Here's how I went about it. Get the best set of component speakers you can afford and drive them with 75-150 watts of clean amplifier power. Install a high powered subwoofer system. Remove the factory sound system and replace it with the CD head unit of your choice making sure it has at least two sets of pre-amp outputs to allow fading between the front speakers and the subwoofers. Expect to pay $350+ for the component set. $200+ for the head unit. An amplifier for the component set will run $200 and up. Small box subwoofers will be $500+ per pair. Add another $100 for a custom enclosure. A high powered amp for the subs will be about $400+ with a built in crossover and one ohm stability. And don't forget $100 for wiring. Expect an installed cost of $2,000+. You'll need to get a subwoofer system that can fit in an enclosure small enough to allow room for the stuff you need to haul. I'd recommend subwoofers built for small enclosures. You could get a pair of twelve inch woofers that would only require 1.5-2.0 cubic feet of space total. Maybe even a fiberglass enclosure that could be form fit to the car to really maximize available space. You'll want a large amplifier to run these woofers at high volume levels. I'd also recommend installing some sound deadening material to your car to keep the vehicle from sounding like a tin can when the system is turned up. Make sure you take into account any vehicle limitations. This includes shallow space in the doors, bottom mount only rear deck speakers, shallow depth head unit, etc. Almost any car audio problem can be solved if you have enough money. This is where most new guys have the problem. Not enough space for large subwoofers? Add more power to smaller subwoofers. No room for a double DIN head unit in your dash? Have the dash reconstructed. If you don't have a lot of money then you need to make better buying decisions. Maybe only one subwoofer instead of two. Maybe a four channel amplifier instead of two stereo amplifiers. A head unit without the dancing lights. One note of caution when budget shopping. Don't skimp on the speakers, especially the front speakers. If there's one thing that should be the best you can afford it's the front speakers. In my experience there is nothing else that can make or break a system like the quality of the front speaker set. The best head unit and amplifiers won't make a difference if you don't have a great front stage. Make sure quality front speakers are a part of your system plan. I hope this helps anyone from new guys to the older guru's that go a little over board.
  5. TomDaTech

    I got a new Tool

    Ok What is that ? Like a sound lab tester for audio ? Like a RTA or and Ocilliscope ? I am new to car audio and like to learn.
  6. TomDaTech

    Crossfire 360

    I will open the hood and let you guys know what I see if that helpful.
  7. TomDaTech

    Crossfire 360

    I thought that so I changed them and same problem I am thinking its toast but I just want a more experienced person to say that LOL Ya know ?
  8. I just got an amp Its a crossfire 360 that got in trade. I tried to hook it up and one channel is real low and the other is clear when I play music thru it. Ok lets get down to the nitty gritty What I want to know is 1) Might it be blown? 2) The entire amp Blown or just that channel? 3) Is it safe to run the amp like that ? 4) I have looked and looked and I cannot find a PDF file for this amp, can someone help ? I think Thas It if you guys need any more info Feel free to ask and I will post as much information as I know and I can see on this problem. Thanks again and I have to say this is a Great Site. Very helpful.
  9. TomDaTech

    SSA Member Survey

    1. How old are you? I am 37 Years Old 2. When did you get into car audio? I was about 15 years old. 3. How did you first get into car audio? I was looking at some cars at a show and saw the most incredible system it was LOUD and SUPER CLEAN I was hooked I wanted to build one just like that ANd I did 3 years later. 4. Whats your favorite color Aqua Blue 5. Male or female? Male 6. Your first Car? Honda CCVC It was so Crappy 8. How did you find out about this site? I was looking up Sites on Google 9. What was your first system? My first system was all rockford Fosquate 11. Were do you live? I live in N.E. Ohio in a town called Ashtabula 12. Whats you favorite car audio brand? JBL 15. Who is our hero in the car audio industry? Never thought about This one 16. Whats your dream system? This Is a Tough one so much I want ! 17. Whats your dream car? Caddy's Aviator 18. Whats the fastest car you have driven/ridden in? Ferrari F40 19. Were do you buy most of your car audio products? Off Line 20. What is your job? I own an Executive Protection ( Professional Bodyguard ) 21. Whats your favorite saying? Lets Hear what ya got. 24. Whats your favorite brand of cars? GMC 25. What do you like better, cars, vans, trucks, or suv's? Mini Vans 29. Whats is the most recent thing you have purchased? MTX Mono Class D Block 31. Who do you think is the most knowledgeable person on SSA? I have not been here long enough to even know this answer 32. What is your personal best on the TL? and with what equipment? Never did this If I knew what TL is I could answer this. 33. SQ or SPL? why? I love SQ I love music and have to be able to hear the full range of every song I listen to
  10. TomDaTech

    My first install

    For your first install its just fine. I remember my first intall was much uglier than that but the fact of the matter is that You like what you did then you did good ! You can only get better from here. WELCOME TO YOUR NEW ADDICTION CAR AUDIO ! ! ! !
  11. TomDaTech

    UnEven Sound ! ! !

    It does connect to the Hu via Input Adaptor KS-U57 ( Patch Cable ) Not via RCA's
  12. TomDaTech

    UnEven Sound ! ! !

    Ok I have a rather unique problem that I a guy of 5 years plus in the car audio has come up against. Ok here is the skinny, I have a: JVC Kd_LX 10 head unit MTX AMP JVC 12 Disk Changer 8" MTX Subs Now the problem is that when I listen to the radio all speakers in the car work just fine and that includes the subs. Here comes the gremlin I pop on the CD changer and Only the Driver side of the car speakers work But the Subs work just fine just cannot get the Passenger side of the car to play any sound when the DC player is on. Get that ? I have checked the RCA's The Inputs the outputs all the rest that one would look at but all looks like its working correctly. Now what I am asking is how do i fix this ? does it sound like a CD changer unit audio Cable ? Or could it be the Unit itself ? HElp me out Please.
  13. TomDaTech

    How did you guys find SSA???

    Just looking around on Google and this site came up. Thats how I got here lol