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  1. LfromBC

    Z v.4 15" Prototype Built Up

    hey Sundownz, it's 2 months gone by, anything new on the zv.4 series? itching to order 2 twelves.
  2. LfromBC

    Sundown X-15 Video on SAZ-3500D

    oops sorry, might be wrong thread
  3. LfromBC

    Sundown X-15 Video on SAZ-3500D

    hi Sundownz can i get two 12's in a 3cube box + displacement being run by a 3500? i need to get 2 of these in my 69 chevy stepside in between bucket seats.
  4. LfromBC

    !!! Sundown SA-8 v.2 PRE-ORDER !!!

    hey sundownz, how go's it? i am from Canada and wondering what the eta is on that slow boat from China. i understand that i can't order now, when will regular sales start? or can i just buy them at the promo price from the ssa store and twiddle my thumbs till the come in? thank you for your reply.