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  1. As bad as I hate to, I have decided to sell my baby, the Solo X 15. This is a BRAND NEW sub, never used, never mounted or seen any power. A full build log is available in my cig. I am very firm on the price of this sub, it is worth twice what I am asking. Item: Custom Solo X 15 Description: New, unused. Fresh build. It is a Solo X 18 motor, rebuilt and bored gap, w/ 15" TI frame, Quad spaced TC spiders, and DC Level 5 m2 D1.4ohm fw 8-layer hi-temp coil, AR cone, and true cf matching red dust cap w custom logo. Specs: I have free air parameters available. It is a custom build... Price: $700 shipped, cont. US only* *Pacific time zone pays $20 more for shipping, due to the weight. (sorry) Pictures: I hate to sell it, I just really need money atm, but I can find 100 reasons to keep it. The main two being that there is no other like it IN THE WORLD, and I built it. But like I said, I need money, and it will be a while before I can properly use this sub. So if anyone out there really wants it, now is your chance! Just please, no trade offers, and I am very firm on the price. If your serious, PM me and we can talk! - Purplehaze Build Log: Solo X 15 (V.2) Sub-woofer build log - Subwoofers / Speakers - SSA Car Audio Forum
  2. Thanks man, I really appreciate that! Now if only I could find some work... if not I'll just keep making my own work. They would be very good for that, IMO. I actually thought about building a HT setup with them, but just need money more atm.
  3. Product: 8" DC Level 2 (m1.5) - Pair Specs: 600 RMS (Full parameters available) Description: Freshly built by myself. They have triple nomex spiders, direct 10g ofc sewn leads, and "SPL" coils. Full build log available. Price: $225 + Shipping for the pair. Will not split up. Trades (or trade-ins) are possible, pm me with what you have in mind. Pictures:
  4. Hey still looking for the Solo X 18 motor boot.
  5. Thanks man, yeah he has the whole motor. I really just need the boot. Bump for boots!
  6. Purplehaze

    Solo X 15 (V.2) Sub-woofer build log

    No problem, glad to! And thank you for the compliment! I just don't understand why it doesn't get anymore attention than it does... maybe it's the title. Is there any way for me to edit the thread title?
  7. TTT Does anyone know of any other boots I could use on the Punch HX2? Or of any place I can have them made? Or just buy different ones that are already made? I could really use some direction!
  8. Hello friends, I am looking for motor boots for a couple of different motors. First, I need a boot for a Solo X 18 motor. This is needed badly, the subs will be inverted, and I'm only missing one. And second, I need a Rockford Fosgate Punch HX2 (3" coil) motor boot. I have money ready, and will gladly pay for these plus shipping. Let me know if you have either, please!!! I know someone out there somewhere has one of these much needed motor boots! My fingers are crossed! Trent - Purplehaze