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  1. What didn't you like about the BTL?
  2. SS Teacher

    help me choose once again

    Are you married to that company? There has got to be someone out there with the "perfect" match.
  3. SS Teacher

    help me choose once again

    I went to their website, the burlwood honey looks closer to your dash.
  4. SS Teacher

    help me choose once again

    The dark burl pattern matches better, but is it a little too red?
  5. When it comes to bass, I miss my hatchback!

  6. Their website also says "Music so powerful it makes the dead come to life!" I think that claim is just as accurate as 3000 watts RMS. BUT the led skull eyes light up, so they must be good. If only they had more crome...
  7. SS Teacher

    Happy Birthday Sencheezy!

    Have good one! Maybe a cold one...
  8. SS Teacher

    help newb with his first setup

    High end Rockford amps are great, their entry level stuff not as much. Boston Acoustics left the mobile market, that's why you can get those really good amps dirt cheap, I'd get one of those with the GCON.
  9. SS Teacher

    help newb with his first setup

    With a total budget of $600 you should focus on a single sub. Are you going to do the install yourself? Do you plan on using your factory speakers for mids and highs?
  10. Of those 2, I'd buy the cheaper one, from the SSA store.
  11. If you got to the Incriminator section on this forum its in one of the pinned threads that says "recommended box sizes", if you read, it will tell you that the I series is the same as one of the others. I don't remember which one, so just read the threads yourself.
  12. Sonic Electronix has a Boston Acoustics GT-2125- 600 RMS at 2 ohms for $125 or the GT-2200- 900 RMS at 2ohms for $189. They're not 1 ohm stable so if a 2nd sub is in your future these aren't for you, but these are great amps for the price.
  13. SS Teacher

    Boston Acoustics Gt 2125

    Your timing sucks, I just bought a GT 275 for that price last month. Oh wait, my timing sucks. Damn it! Good luck with the sale.
  14. SS Teacher

    Crescendo Midrange speakers

    Responses that come from M5 and Impious are exactly why I (and many others) joined this forum. I don't want people who own the brand to tell me to buy it because they like it. If I wanted that I'd read and trust product reviews from Sonic Electronix and Crutchfield.
  15. Boston Acoustics amps were made in Italy than switched to Malaysia, not China. Unfortunately, Boston has left the mobile market and that is why you can get their amps so cheap.
  16. SS Teacher

    skar vvx8

    Putting more power than RMS to a sub is usually not a good idea. Why do you want to give it more? It probably won't be any louder and you risk thermal and mechanical stress that could lead to early driver failure. Some of the more experienced car audio guys frequently run more than rated for a variety of reasons, but I just don't see any advantage for the average user.
  17. For a lot of the same reasons you listed I kept my factory radio and am mostly satisfied. My processing is way less involved than your Audison unit so it should sound really good for you.
  18. If you're only running 1500 watts, do the big 3 first and you might be good. If not upgrade your stock battery, start a new post if needed. Then if you're having issues add a 2nd battery in the back, again, start a new post. Good luck and thanks for listening.
  19. If you're on a budget, do the big 3, a battery in the back and see how it goes. You probably don't need a new alt, you could save a bit of money.
  20. A stock 140 amp alternator is pretty good, are you planning on running over 1500 watts RMS? Did you get the big 3 done yet? Do you have an extra battery?
  21. Why do you want to feed your sub double the RMS power?
  22. SS Teacher

    Chinese products

    Yep, it's an A404 I bought for $550 back in 1995 or 96. I thought about running it, but I don't have the plugs, and it has no cross-overs.
  23. SS Teacher

    Chinese products

    http://imageshack.us...61/photoulj.jpg[./img] my first image posting fail!
  24. didnt know that. so then what would adding a second sub do? move more air and therefor make everything shake more? Adding a second sub will get you a 3 db gain. That is an audible difference, but sound is kinda funny. Think of it this way... you're in a dark room and turn on a 40 watt lamp- lots of light in the room. If you turn on another 40 watt lamp it does get brighter, but only a little bit more. It sounds a little depressing, but 3 db isn't that bad of an increase, just an expensive one.