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    How did you guys find SSA???

    Hows it going? I found out about TeamSSAudio from a friend(Jordan). Im not sure what his display name is on here but he says he talk to you guys alot. He turned me on to you guys casue he said you were quite good at doing custom fiberglass boxes for vehicles. Well hope fully youll be able to help me out. I have a 1988 Toyota Supra that i would like to put either 2 8' or 2 10' in but i dont have the room for a conventional box. My Supra has a targa top that is stored in the trunk when removed from the roof. So i would need some sort of custom fitted box in the wheel wells. Jordan said that you guys moght be able to help me out because your located in Scottsdale, AZ(I'm from Pheonix) and that your the best that he knows of in the fiber glass area.