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    complete set up BTL

    i have an escalade, so i got a huge trunk. and also what is H/O. and my budget is about 2,500. i can go a little over if i want
  2. Jon Libock

    complete set up BTL

    im trying to get pretty loud. i have an escalade esv, so i got all the room in the world. my budget is $2,500, but i can go over. thats just a base. and i have no idea how much power i want to run, all i want are loud subs.
  3. Jon Libock

    complete set up BTL

    i am new at this whole car audio thing, so i need some advice and guidance. i was ordnally looking into jl w7 12 inch with 1000/1 amps but then someone told me they were over priced and not that great. so i looked into FI's. first off, i was looking into the BTL's 15 inch (probably n2). im not sure if i should get one or two, im not sure if one is gonna cut it. but i also need some advice on good amps, i know which wire kit im getting and i know the high output alternator im getting. and im a little confused on what some of the ohm and what ever do. what does ohm mean and what do they do? i have a choice of either dual 1 or 2. and all i want is someone to point me in the right direction in what i should get. im planning on using theise subs daily, no competions. but i also want these things blowing my windows, while at the same time keeping a budget. and if someone knows a website that make custom boxes for fi subs please list it because i found a website that makes custom jl boxes and they are pretty cheap.