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  1. putergod

    BL or Q

    No speaker can play 5Hz audibly... 5Hz isn't audible! However, I'm mixed in this discussion. I am leaning more towards the "if you have to compare, you don't want the BL" side, but still fairly close to the middle. I bought Q's. I have two Q12s in the GTO and one Q10 in the Audi. I wanted SQ, and didn't spend much time looking at the others. I was a little curious about them though. That little 10 delivers an enormouse amount of SPL at very low frequency for a 10 in a sealed enclosure. And it sounds soooooo dang good doing it! Smoothest, cleanest sounding sub I've heard.
  2. putergod

    How is it coming along?

    Not comlaining, just happy! too bad it has to be a holiday weekend though. gotta wait till tuesday,
  3. putergod

    How is it coming along?

    Mine are now, finally, on the way! Yipee!!
  4. putergod

    Alt for 2006 GTO?

    I can't find anyone that makes one! I'm hoping for at least 200+ amps. 250 or so would be superb!
  5. Wating on my Q's

  6. putergod

    I need an amp!

    Just like Current*Voltage=power, Voltage^2 = power. Ohm's law is very slippery. I=V/R I=80/1 I=80 P=I*R P=80*80 P=1600 And the "ear dyno": Previous amp: USA 1000x @ 2 Ohm stereo = metered at 1300 WRMS Current amp: Mmats 3000.1 @ 4 Ohms = "rated" at 3000 WRMS @ 1 Ohm Current setup, at rated power, should not be exceeding 750 WRMS. However, it is MUCH louder than the 1000+ WRMS it had before. Current amp measured at ~81-82v at MINIMUM gain (on a HU that only puts out about 2v, and is far from "linear" at that, set to "28" - approx 3/4-4/5 max vol) Coincidence or severely underrated? I'm thinking the latter.
  7. putergod

    How is it coming along?

    Dude's rocking Funky Pups! Hell yeas!
  8. putergod

    How is it coming along?

    im on the same boat man... ordered 25 days ago too... waiting for my 12"fi q. itd be cool if they had a build progress tracking code btw couldnt help but notice u got a ranger glad to see more ranger owners going to Fi Oh noes... that means I still have at least another week! My order was only 19 days ago. Oh well. I know they're working on them, as I'm pretty sure they aren't just sitting around smoking a bong staring at bar stock, lol. I guess I check UPS again in about a week. In all honesty though, I'd rather have to wait a month then have them ship production overseas (and get crap) or have to hire more help, and in turn possibly have to raise prices. Waiting just sucks.
  9. putergod

    FI site?

    That's freaking halarious!! I get all kinds of idiots that see my Q calling it F I... it makes me want to slap them! Apparently they never heard of HiFi.
  10. putergod

    I need an amp!

    Bought a Fi but wanting to cheap out on the amp? My opinion: save a little more and up the amp budget and look at Mmats. Put a high quality (like the sub) Made in the USA (also like the sub) amp on that thing! Mmats makes ALL of their amps in FL, USA. Plus, they are very underrated. My 3000.1D put out over 80 volts at minimum gain... that's well over TWICE it's rated power!
  11. putergod

    Revise ship times on Speakers?

    I can vouch for this. Nick has been quick at responding to my emails. I, too, am waiting. I did finally get the UPS notification this weekend, which (IIRC) means that mine are getting built now! Yippee! They are a little slow, but worth it. You can't rush perfection! I would rather wait a few weeks and know that they take their time and the quality of product I am getting is top notch than have them rush and mass produce like other companies (like that "end all - be all of subs: Jay-Ell).
  12. If it were me, I'd go with two Mmats M3000's. I know they are only rated at 3000wrms each, but they are historically underrated, not to mention very efficient and put out even more power with more voltage. Plus they are built right here in the grand ole US of A! They are pricey though.
  13. putergod

    I did not receive my order

    As far as I am concerned, until it's in your hands, the seller is responsible. I.e. if it never shows up, they need to take it as a loss and send another. No reputable company would leave you out in the cold because of a screw up before it ever hit your possession. And I'm pretty sure no judge would side with them if they did.
  14. Thanks for all the replies. I went ahead and bought a slightly used AX-5600 for under $300. I have a lot of faith in US Amps given my experience with them, and if it doesn't perform up to my liking, I can resell it and be out next to nothing. Now I'm concentrating on a sub. Thinking about a Fi Q 10 with High Qts, Spider, and Ring options. Opinions?
  15. Just curious what reviews you were looking at. Got any links? This thread got me a little worried... it appears Steve "fixed" the real problem, but there are other little things that just shouldn't be with a new amp (referring to the board being longer than the chassis, etc) Zed Audio "Leviathan" my take on it.... - DIYMA.com This is the review where it exceed rating at 4ohm stereo, but fell a little short on the others: audio gear reviews - Amplifier Review - ZED Audio Leviathan The 4ohm stereo power is more than enough, but the bridged and/or 2 ohm power, isn't that great, considering it's not even making it. I was also looking at a couple mmats amps. Really wanted to go with one, but for not "too" much more than the leviathan I could have a SQ4100 and M1400. That would give me slightly less power on the four channels, but a lot more on the sub. And they make all their amps in the grand ole US of A!