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  1. Ok so Ive had many systems in my life time. I am looking for a 10" or 12" no more than $150. I would prefer a 10" in a ported box. I have a jl audio xd500/3 so 300 at 2ohms on the sub channel. I'm not gonna upgrade amps. I will run the front speakers off the front two channels at 70x2 or something like that. I can buy jl audio, alpine, kenwood, and hertz at almost cost. For example jl10w0v3 $65 ea. So I want to know some what you all think. I was thinking about 1.5ft^3 but I know it will depend on the sub. Let me know what subs.
  2. Rich Everett

    Box Specs for a I series 10"

    I have a 2007 Ram QC and the box going under the seat is .5ft^3 and I have 300 watts at 2ohms. So that all being said is this the right sub woofer? I know personal taste blah blah blah but I just want to know spec wise.