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  1. Austin863

    austin863s subaru impreza build log

    Hey guys got a new car the other day sadly the old xwagon is gone. Time for a new build tho. I'll be putting 1 xcon 18 in for now till I see what I'm looking for and what I can fit. It's a hatchback. I just got my hu installed today. Incriminators upfront and my crescendo 6s in the back. Same amps ap3k and cerwin4x4. I'd like to either try and fit 1-2 15s in there if I can't get my 18s in but if not its whatever. I'll either keep 1 18 and go bigger driver or go with 2 xcon 15s ill see what is what after everything gets done.
  2. Austin863

    austin863s subaru impreza build log

    hello guys i've been absent lately so here is an update on my vehicle. Recently decided to lower it using Raceland ultimo coilovers. work very well especially for the money. Got new Halo projector headlights. 2.5" stromung axel back exhaust in the market for some new wheels. and got the xcon 12 ported in my hatch. PIcs will be up tomorrow.
  3. Austin863

    austin863s subaru impreza build log

    Took second at that competiton last month! but the XCON 18 is with sean now. i have an xcon 12 now. going ported soon. got it in a little demo sealed box at 1.5 cubes. not loud but sounds good. necessary adjustments for what im doing with my car. but just bought new fenders and hood getting painted this week. replaced breaks with ceramic autocrafts. new wheels. 17x8.5 5zigen 5zr's 2 piece. new tires will be here this week mid week. HID's led DRL's. for my birthday i have some raceland ultimo coilovers coming. lowering about 2.5 inches. maybe 3 depending on where im at. got my tint on (except front, got pulled over and forced to take it off.) but oh well. car is going to be sooooo sick when its done. future plans after coils is, exhaust, air intake, built turbo and just tiny stuff. LED taillights. HID revers led turns led parking lights. led dome. then thats it.
  4. Austin863

    i NEED Your help! Crack Head Prices!!

    how much for them subs to 17751?
  5. Austin863

    Fi SP4 12"

    you could always customize your cone and tripple joint and coil with another 4in coil and make your own 12 using FI motor basket and cone just may have to find a well made 4in coil to take off and put it behind your 12 cone. as your own prototype? just a thought
  6. Austin863

    WTT my SSA XCON 18 for a smaller woofer

  7. im looking for a 12 or a 15. something small but loud. car is to small for the 18. offer up!
  8. Austin863

    WTT my SSA XCON 18 for a smaller woofer

    Nah dude sorry. got an offer set right now. need to close this add. Nothing against obsidian subs. but i like my USA woofers.
  9. Austin863

    xcon recone

    Its notas hard as you would think to recone a wubwoofer
  10. Austin863

    8 XCON 10's D2 for sale

    how much for pair of 2?
  11. Austin863

    2 SSA XCON 18" D1 FS

    2 ssa xcon d1 ohm 18's want to sell them can ship to the 48 states. need gone. 325 ea 650 both plus shipping.
  12. Austin863

    WTB used bc3.5k or saz3500

    damn thats a hell of a price dont have that money yet.
  13. Austin863

    WTB used bc3.5k or saz3500

    max price is 500. if i could get one for 450 id be happy
  14. Austin863

    NEM's Evilinator!!

    Okay so you have to meter tomorrow and i will explain more when i see you in the morning.
  15. Austin863

    Austin863's X-WAGON Build

    Car is in missing the xwagon tho man. Wish i could get my 18s ported in my car ):
  16. Austin863

    NEM's Evilinator!!

    Your straight edges are at paps house I can either bring them down or you can grab them. when are you building the box I have off Monday if you want some help.
  17. Austin863

    austin863s subaru impreza build log

    Thank you sir's I'm headed up to jersey shore today to get my xcon tuned in for next weekend!
  18. Austin863

    Chop"s 86' Cutlass

    SOOOOO TASTY!!!!!!
  19. Austin863

    austin863s subaru impreza build log

    Help me guys im getting a cool air intake w/ dry filter but now i have to do out take. what kinds of exhaust are out there im really just looking for a cat-back right now.
  20. Austin863

    2 SSA XCON 18" D1 FS

    No sorry. i'll take trades for a pair of xcon 15's
  21. Austin863

    2 SSA XCON 18" D1 FS

  22. Austin863

    austin863s subaru impreza build log

    thanks guys. also have a surprise box design in the works maybe its 2 xcons in the subie or maybe its a ported xcon in the subie guess well have to find out soon ill keep you posted
  23. Austin863

    School me on Door speaker selection please.

    Just the back side of the door panel. like the panel itself off of the door of the back of it.