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  1. https://www.facebook.com/events/405612186176704/
  2. This is just a little comp keep in mind as the years progress it will get bigger. But its going to be november 10th from 10-2 it will be based as power for the classes of competition. First prize will get a shirt and gift cards. There will be giveaways during the event. Proceeds will be going to make a wish foundation. The more people the marrier. $20 entree fee without the money you don't get the meter. There is going to be a freestyle type event at the end of the day.
  3. Austin863

    Austin863's X-WAGON Build

    well then should i run it passive because im getting a comp set
  4. Austin863

    Austin863's X-WAGON Build

    it will probably be all active.
  5. Austin863

    Austin863's X-WAGON Build

    yeah i will be just getting the ia's first but if they aren't putting out what im looking for then i may resort to a driver in my doors.
  6. Austin863

    Austin863's X-WAGON Build

    so what would you reccomend i look at just like a normal driver but an 8 that would work well as a midbass.
  7. Austin863

    Austin863's X-WAGON Build

    explain to me why i wouldn't want that? i'm not following i think i'd need a bit of a bigger driver because in my van you cant hear barely any midbass upfront its mostly highs and lows. not to much mid
  8. Austin863

    Austin863's X-WAGON Build

    wouldnt really be way behind me theyd be right behind the seats ill draw up a layout and show you what i want for positioning of everything. It's a bad idea. You want the drivers placed as wide as possible, and you do not want any of the drivers directly behind you. You can draw what you like, but I'm positive you won't be happy with the end result if you follow through. yeah i just decided to do the IA upfront and maybe throw in 1 8'' crecendo in each door. idk yet we will see.
  9. Austin863

    Austin863's X-WAGON Build

    gcon and recone should be here within the next 2-3 weeks hopefully i cannot wait to get them in!!
  10. Not sure of the complete details yet edouble im figuring that out today hopefully
  11. Alright we will see you here!!! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Competition-Audio/149903005053464
  12. Here is some minor details. Competition is being held Nov. 10th in lock haven pa at Competition audio. probably from 12-6. All proceeds will be going to the make a wish foundation. Competition entitled 'Make a wish bass race.'
  13. Austin863

    WTB SAZ 3500w amp

    Im looking at getting 2 XCON 18's and im looking for a bigger amp need a 3500w i like the saz so if i can get one for a good price why not if there is a referb i can get for something around 5-700 bucks thatd be good
  14. Austin863

    WTB SAZ 3500w amp

    having a bit of trouble typing?
  15. Have just like a show kinda thing like that? thatd be cool!
  16. not yet i gotta find a meter! haha i know how im gonna organize it and stuff tho im ready to do it i just gotta find a meter i can rent or borrow.
  17. Austin863


    What is target vent match? what does the M/S stand for. and how do i know what numbers to chose?
  18. a kicker 750.1 can be found for around 200-240 i believe.
  19. Austin863

    *Swift's Rebuild* 3 SP4 18's, 12k Walled F250

    Wish i could here this baby in person too! thing looks bad ass.
  20. There you go! come on up buddy!
  21. Lock haven/mill hall pennsylvania. 17751 or 17745 they are right next to eachother.
  22. Shizzzon says we can rent out a meter. so thats down the funding for that will just have to come out of my pocket. but i have that to shell out right now. We'd have to use your laptop tho i don't have one. uh as of finding a place to do it ill talk to the school or maybe we could use peddie park. since thats pretty secluded. Maybe we can find a weekend that you dont work in november and plan for then so we can get it im probably gonna need all the help i can get from you ill even talk to joe green too.
  23. yeah. i need it to be flexible with my schedual instead of having to work around theirs.
  24. Well would you like to stray away from comp audio and do this with my on our own?all i really need to do is find a meter and we are set to go.
  25. Austin863

    Murder Mat

    alright maybe ill check into dons more then i know i had emailed him and he responded so.