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  1. Austin863

    Dcon 12'' woofer

    yeah $300-$350 price range for sub and amp.
  2. Austin863

    99 4runner, 3WMD2 18'S...OPTI6000D

    what happened to all the updates i know you have done more...
  3. Austin863

    Austin863's X-WAGON Build

    will be here tomorrow
  4. Austin863

    Austin863's X-WAGON Build

    already cleaned up! haha
  5. Austin863

    RG's Jeep Cherokee build log

    If I only had time hahahaha
  6. Austin863

    RG's Jeep Cherokee build log

    shh i dont have new ones yet!
  7. Austin863

    RG's Jeep Cherokee build log

    An xs3400 up front with the big three upgrade. all 1/0 welding cable. Audiopipe ap3001d amp running the 2 RE sx @2 ohm taking 1000w ea. ngt extreme battery 100ah. running 2 amps one on the mids and highs and 1 on the 2 re sx'. again grounds are 1/0 welding cable. the 2 re sx' and ap30001d all mounted and ready to bounce re sx' with the 4 6'' ports tuned @ 33hz boy does that sucker pound. this is the final build for the jeep as of now.
  8. Austin863

    new amp

    looks good. what are you running for drivers
  9. Austin863

    Broke my car w/ BIG 3

    buy a new car haha
  10. Austin863

    Austin863's X-WAGON Build

    another gcon and IA 6.5 mids for my birthday.. gonna get another bat here soon aswell.
  11. Austin863

    Happy Birthday Austin863

    I got a new cerwin vega 400.4 amp!! and cash money!
  12. Austin863

    2 ssa gcons

    A pair of either Gcons or Icons would work very well with a BC3500 @ 2ohms.Do you have any idea what you might want to upgrade to later on? If you're interested in adding another pair of subs someday for a total of 4, either series of subs would be a great choice in my opinion. You could run a pair of D2s now @ 2 ohms, then add two D2s when you're ready and wire the amp down to 1 ohm. If everything is done right, it should be "clean and loud" either way. well with a 3500 you could comfortably run 2 xcons in the future. just saying. thatd be at 1ohm load tho.
  13. Austin863

    FS - Sundown Audio SAE-1200D and FI SSD 18

    230 was the original price you had listed lol.
  14. Austin863

    RG's Jeep Cherokee build log

    hahaha no he has it hooked up in his jeep he said we was hookin up the door speakers and then it was done battery was ran and amp hooked up to the subs. but there will be vids either tonight or tomorrow! but deff more pics
  15. Austin863

    RG's Jeep Cherokee build log

    how about no ohms haha
  16. Austin863

    RG's Jeep Cherokee build log

    He has the holes cut and ports in. Us old heads don't slack like u young fellas. Lol You tell him Joe! I think they sleep too much and that is why they don't get much done. school may have a large part in that too haha
  17. Austin863

    RG's Jeep Cherokee build log

    it has been raining joe!
  18. Austin863

    Austin863's X-WAGON Build

    Mdf baffles scetched and ready for cutout! More pics soon
  19. Austin863

    Austin863's X-WAGON Build

    yeah yeah im gettting them im getting them!
  20. Austin863

    Austin863's X-WAGON Build

    Lets see if I can get it back together again. Maybe this will get you by until you can order a recone. I am thinking the triple joint let go by looking at the picture. Alright i was actually thinking the same thing so ill be down monday sometime! Okay so the frankin sub is fixed and working again vids up thursday! or tomorrow night, for proof since you haters don't believe us!
  21. Austin863

    MVL and CDL

    Thanks M5!