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  1. Austin863

    Should I buy audio equipment in germany?

    Germans have good engineering it wouldnt surprise me if they have some good high end stuff. Let us know check stuff out ask for the highest end stuff and then compare prices quality rating and whatnot.
  2. Austin863

    Beefing up amps

    if its just a snap in capacitor that is blown. I can just pop that out and put in a new one. Correct? thats all i can see that is messed up i mean i could take it and have it check but if its just the cap ill buy the same one and just pop that one out and put a new one in. another question what kind of glue do they use?
  3. Austin863

    Beefing up amps

    Well the amp is 2 ap1500.1d's straped in one casing. but i burnt a cap so i was wondering if anyone knew where i could send that to get it fixed?
  4. It will save you the trouble of the math if you just go buy another battery. I understand you may have heard a stock bat and alt can power 2 12's but. that also depends on the amp size not the size of the driver. yes a good ground can help but it wont do much. if you were to get another battery and run +/+ and Ground to ground youd be in parallel. making it still a 12v system but maybe uping your voltage rating to like 13.2 or so. depending on the amperage of the front battery aswell. basically what we all are trying to tell you is it is going to be a lot less hassle to just get another battery or alternator. whichever your poison. batteries are gonna be cheeper though. most of the time a car is either gonna need 1 upgraded battery up front and no extras or 2 batteries with a stock alternator. i ran 1000w on 1 55ah battery and stock 130a alternator. what a lot of people cant grasp is that your battery is just a reserve that lets your car be able to start and also work without running. like a normal battery. Your alternator is what runs EVERYTHING. having 2 batteries would be like having 1 big reserve yes it will help with the dimming effect but your alt is still gonna run everything your car doesn't just run off the battery(s) that are in it.
  5. Austin863

    IAK and Team IAK audio .jpeg files

    Hey chop i need a couple .jpg image files of IAK and Team IAK audio for that plaque i wanna make!
  6. Austin863

    enclosure question for Q18

    whatever your poison make sure you give your Q lots of port if your going for SQ. it will get nasty. basically if you can just make its base very large and the sides up high enough to fit into the trunk. i mean if you cant fit it in maybe go sealed. you could probably easily get a 7cu box in that box.
  7. Austin863

    The price of owning a diesel...

    I'll always be cummin' wouldn't have it any other way. the ol' 12 valves are the way to go!
  8. If you want to reduce light dimming get another car battery remember the more amp hours the more reserve of the battery. for instance i have 2 batteries 55 ah a peice. they ran my GCONs @1ohm on 1500w and my lights didnt dim at all and i have a 130 amp alternator. also powering a 400.4 for my mids and highs. Sooo the solution to your problem could happen to be another battery.
  9. There is a BL motor and BTL motor. The BTL is a Neo Magnet motor. The BL is less power handleing but a standard driver motor. The SP4 i have heard great things about them. They are very loud sub. If you check out swift's build log. he has 3 SP4's ported in his F350. Now the BL is a fantastic sub that can get extremely low if you put it in the right enclosure. it may not have a lot of XMAX but it is a freakin monster. My friend has 1 and i have heard it for myself he has 1 18. and that thing slams and makes his roof and braces slap... but either way each of these subs you have suggested will get fairly loud for a daily driver.
  10. Austin863

    problems with new fi ssd subs!!!!

    I'm very glad you got things figured out i have great experience with FI. They are amazing motors i understand the frustration and wanting to say they are junk but truthfully they are not. Hand built quality is hard to come by. As MTX and SSL are both mass manufactured. My Uncle (NEM) has steered me in the Made in the USA direction and to not go with much things made overseas. But i without a doubt knew that the FI drivers would satisfy you. Probably much more than you had expected. I've only been doing this for a year. and i know a load of info. and am still learning. not trying to make myself sound like a audio god or anything. but i certainly know my stuff. but i was confused at first because if you wired them in a series and then hooked them both up to the amp. what is the Ohm load of the woofer. if you wire a d1 to a series it would become a 2 and so would the other one but would wiring them in parallel both together would that make it back to 1 ohm.?
  11. Austin863

    Chop"s 86' Cutlass

    Did somebody say Zombie?!?! there's evil afoot....
  12. Austin863

    06 Honda Civic Coupe Build Log

    Low tuned boxes are my favs Im porting my XCONs to 31-32 hz they play low in a sealed box. wait till. i get them ported and tuned low. they will really play the lows. im pumped.
  13. Austin863

    06 Honda Civic Coupe Build Log

    How much was your alternator?
  14. Austin863

    strange hissing noise from speakers, help diagnose

    1. Clean it up haha. 2. Check all the grounds and powers make sure nothing is touching the RCA cables and make sure everything is secured down tight. 3. Check RCA's make sure they are not touching any other wires, and make sure they are not cut or showing bare wire anywhere. if that doesnt help if you are playing with your phone through a AUX jack and it is charging that will give the same static effect/motor noise. if all else fails try a new pair of RCA jacks.
  15. Austin863

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    17's close enought. Nem!!
  16. Austin863

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    i hate winter lol. Sleding is probably the best part when there isnt a 1/2" of ice on top then its just not a good time! hahah
  17. Austin863

    2 18 zcon wall HELPP

    Maybe Go a little bit bigger on the port area. get them about 280^2 in of port total. thats why my XCONS are gettin in their ported box 2 18" xcons.
  18. The madness is coursing through my vains. i am soon to become an XCON freakkk! ahhhh! can't wait to get them ported!

    1. nem


      Clearing one of the best sounding subs I ever owned.

  19. Justin can you demo this song for me and put it on here in video? i wanna see how it flex's your blazer. It is pretty high 42hz range then it drops to probably about 35 hz im not an expert on hz range so i could be wrong but it goes from kinda low to really flocking low. Its called 'hold on' by MGK. and Then there is one called 'Demons'- MGK ft DMX
  20. Wow this looks super nice. i'd like some info/help on doing this. im thinking about doing so for my door pannels
  21. Austin863

    NEM's Evilinator!!

    Bump for box input. Do the numbers look good?How are you gonna have a 42 port width if the box is only 40? The port is 6 X 20 and 42 inches long You got it Rick. P1-15" P2-25.5" +.75" double baffle +.75" P1 thickness =42" sorryyyyyyy. haha. i read it wrong my B.
  22. Austin863

    NEM's Evilinator!!

    Bump for box input. Do the numbers look good?How are you gonna have a 42 port width if the box is only 40?
  23. Austin863

    Bass in freezing air

    What happenes when the air is denser there is more air to move or harder to move the air. It can very in effect. maybe louder maybe quieter depends on the vehicle and the internal temp. i get more flex in the summer and a little bit higher numbers in the colder months. Your equipment works at best when the equipment itself is cold. or cool. not frozen but just cool.
  24. Austin863

    New SSA Flat Brim Hats

    I'll be ordering one of these they are sick. Any news on them lanyards? or are they out haha i haven't looked!
  25. Austin863

    WTB 3500/3000 watt amplifier

    Im looking for either a 3000w or a 3500w amplifier. 1 ohm stable and will push 2 xcons. Preference is a crecendo refurbed or used or a DC refurbed or used. but im open for all inquiries.