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  1. Tempe

    Whats with RE SE's?

    You've got to be kidding me!!! WTF? Mine was hand-made in California in December 2001 January 2002 T
  2. I had five until the above post. So what's to stop someone from spamming 25 times to then be allowed to create a fs/wtb ad? I guess I should post more here T
  3. and I want to post a wtb add. Even though I've been here a bit I don't think I have 25 posts. I have over 13,000 at Termpro; does that count? haha... let's see how many posts I have. Ready? Set? Click the "Post New Topic" button!!!
  4. The last one I went to was when we met at Papago Park and headed over to Chipotle. Honestly right now I'm at a low point with car audio right now... I really don't check the forums. I was going to do a front stage upgrade until I ran into a financial bind recently. Maybe a meetup will get that spark going again! If at all possible I'd prefer to chose a date a few weeks in advance so I can make sure I'm off that day. T P.S. Link to thread at CA.com
  5. Tempe

    Comp Sets?

    http://www.diymobileaudio.com/forum/ is your new friend. Sorry I missed your show the other week. There are sooooooo many options out there for you. It does sound like you want to just have AA in your car just to push the brand, though. T
  6. Tempe

    Testes one, two..... THREE???

    Haha okay. I know I got banned at SD once for something dumb, but otherwise I'm always well-behaved. Maybe it was cuz I didn't login for too long haha. T
  7. I could have sworn I've had an account here. I even went to log in and my username/password was stored in Firefox's memory. It would not accept my login. I searched through the memberlist and didn't see myself. Did I get banned or sumtin? haha T