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  1. wcefai

    FI SP4 Cut Sheets

    It just needs to be Sealed box: 2-3.5cuft
  2. wcefai

    Which would be louder?

    generally more cone area = louder, so I would take 2 15s over 1 18. 2 18s if you can manage to fit it
  3. Sounds sweet man! I say throw up your work and show us what you can do
  4. wcefai

    having trouble with an order from FI

    It just takes them so tome te get through all their orders. It took a couple weeks to even hear anything about my order. But don't worry, they're on top of it
  5. wcefai

    Fi's new website

    Anyone else besides me loving their new site?
  6. Hey guys, I was planning on getting the Oxygen audio Air-83 3-way component speakers.I liked the fact that they included a large mid-bass woofer, another decent sized mid-range and a tweeter all in one. Also, I liked how they were a component set because i do not know enough yet to run an active system. But the problem is that I waited too long and now amazon don't have them in stock. Does anyone know a comparable set? Like i said before, I'd like a large mid-bass and mid-range, component set with a passive crossover, and i would prefer not to pay through the nose to get them. Thanks guys!
  7. wcefai

    Help choosing amp, hu and electricals

    Well I've already built a box for a 2008 CRV (6.508ft^3 tuned to 33hz, subs up and port back) that will fit nicely behind the 2nd row. and price range is for the whole build. The alt from dc power is a replacement, only $530 but i have no idea if that's a fair price. But i also have no idea what hu to use. I keep hearing it's all personal preference but I don't know what's a good unit for the money. Because I'm more into the sound, I could care less about a flip out, touchscreen head unit. I just want one that is reliable, not super expensive, and fairly straightforward to hook up and use
  8. Hey guys, I'm brand new to the car audio world and am looking for a system that can pound as a daily driver. I've already decided to run 2 15" N2 BTL's but am unsure on what to power them and what alt/batts to back them up. I've read a lot of forums and the DC 3.5k amp looks good plus its 15% as a presale. I was thinking of having a 320a DC power alt with an XS D975 up front and a D3100 in back, all wired 1/0 with big three. Will my system run well? and if not, what can i do to make sure i supply enough power to amp and that the amp is a good fit? BTW, budget is in $2500-$3k range Any tips/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.