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  1. AlpineAndy

    def. of sq??

    It's not just the speakers in the front stage that make it sound good, I have never the comps that you are running but I am sure that they can sound good. A proper Front stage is all in the installation and tunning.
  2. AlpineAndy

    before i purchase a few questions

    All of the answer are above in bold Do I leave the subsonic filter at the lowest hz for channel 1 & 2, to keep it off? What is the optimal roll of for speakers, or how should I determine what setting I should use? appreciate ya maan The subsonic filters out anything below your set frequency just like your highpass filter does so it would have no effect unless you had it turned up higher than the highpass filter so just leave it alone. as for the roll off, I would just leave it at 12db slopes unless your speakers cant handle it and need a steep slope then switch to 24db, it is more of something that you will have to play around with and see which you like the sound of more.
  3. AlpineAndy

    before i purchase a few questions

    All of the answer are above in bold
  4. AlpineAndy

    SAX125.2 speaker hiss/distortion

    First off hooking the power and ground up backwards is stupid! even though I still dont see how that would cause a noise problem, it should have blown the power supply. I also want to state that I am not bashing the product. I think that it a very durable and well built product, It is obviously a solid amp if this ding dong can't blown it up. It was just not made to be used in competion SQ cars. Which is not what it is being used for in this case anyway.
  5. AlpineAndy

    SAX125.2 speaker hiss/distortion

    Listen to all of the SQ cars that run them! Unless your hearing is messed up, I know alot of SPL guys that cant hear it.
  6. AlpineAndy

    SAX125.2 speaker hiss/distortion

    Hate to tell you this but its in the amps, there is no getting rid of it. Paying $100 to send it in for repair is just a waste of money cause you will get it back with the same sound.
  7. AlpineAndy

    SAX125.2 speaker hiss/distortion

    if it is a small faint hiss, I bet you still have it when you get the amp back from being fixed.
  8. AlpineAndy

    SAX125.2 speaker hiss/distortion

    I dont think that the hiss that you hear is something that can be fixed.
  9. AlpineAndy

    AlpineAndy's SQ Solara

    Small Update. The install hasn't changed or got pretty yet. I have two SSA Dcon 12's to put in it and now that I don
  10. AlpineAndy

    new sundown amprack

    Looks good, is it a competition SQ car?
  11. AlpineAndy

    Sundown Sq build

    Nice setup!! I vote Zapco DSP6 but my vote is a little biased
  12. AlpineAndy

    E2 Audio and MECA @ Elizabethtown, KY

    Chris and I also did some good on the SQ side. Sundown I tearing things up in the MECA world from every angle! Chris Lacombe Sundown 100.4, Sundown 50.4, and Sundown E8 1st place - Street SQ 81.5/100 Andrew Mitchell (2) Sundown 100.4, Sundown 125.2 1st place - Amateur Street SQ 57.5/70 SQ PHAT car award SQ Best of Show
  13. AlpineAndy

    Monte Build

    It's about time Brock, build is looking really good! I'm tuned in!
  14. AlpineAndy

    Box Build for IA Death Row 12

    Good. car audio is fun,but it's not worth getting your self hurt!
  15. AlpineAndy

    Box Build for IA Death Row 12

    I would not have cut that brace out of there. Your car has no structural support in the back now. very dangerous!!!