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  1. Just thought I'd post and see if anyone happens to have a box design for under the seat of a Silverado Ext. Cab for a 12" Mag D2 ported? I've been working on mocking up a design - but I was hoping someone else may have already done it. I've got a 2" lift kit installed on the rear bench seat - so I've got more room than normal. Also, looking for ideas on which way the sub and port should be facing. All thoughts and ideas much appreciated - thanks!
  2. does this sound right? rms power 200 x 2 @ 4ohm 400 x 2 @ 2ohm 800 x 1 @ 4ohm 1000 x 1 @ 2ohm it is my understanding that this is essentaly the same amp as the hcca250r but it is only stable to 2 ohm loads instead of 1/4 ohm loads
  3. This is the exact amp we're talking about -