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  1. Iosias

    Problem with C1100.4 highpitched noise.

    I had a BC2000D also and it worked like a champ, as of right now I have yet to receive the amp and there might be more trouble with it. In any event I will be selling it once I get it back.
  2. Iosias

    Problem with C1100.4 highpitched noise.

    Called today and finally got an answer and update, apparently its in need of a new Rectifier and something else I forgot the name of. So after a month+ of waiting it will get fixed and returned soon hopefully.
  3. Iosias

    Problem with C1100.4 highpitched noise.

    Still haven't received a call.... So I will call tomorrow, at this point I just want to be rid of the damn thing and get my money back. I have had it sense the black Friday sale and haven't even gotten to use it.
  4. Iosias

    Problem with C1100.4 highpitched noise.

    Got a call back saying there tech had been out for a week or two and that they will call back the next with a update, haven't received said update.... I do know SBN was this week but they should be back in shop now so hopefully today I will get an update.
  5. Iosias

    Problem with C1100.4 highpitched noise.

    Called no answer, left a message and no call back as of yet.
  6. Iosias

    Problem with C1100.4 highpitched noise.

    Currently waiting on a response from crescendo, they received it 3 weeks ago and I haven't heard anything from them sense.
  7. Iosias

    Problem with C1100.4 highpitched noise.

    Have tried direct to battery grounds and ground to frame. Different rcas, decks, gain settings. The noise is present at all levels of gain and only gets louder as it goes up. I have tried every possible fix including swapping the amp out and that's the only thing that worked. Finally called Crescendo and i am sending it in, sadly they are out of stock till Feb so I cant get a replacement but if its a easy fix they said they will fix it.
  8. Iosias

    Problem with C1100.4 highpitched noise.

    Tried it with a completely different install and heavily shielded rcas, no change.
  9. Well after finally getting a chance to install my new C1100.4 I had a terrible hiss with it that only got worse as the gain went up. So far I have tried swapping everything around the amp to eliminate it them from the problem except new rcas and I haven't tried it in another vehicle. New Rcas will be here today, shielded and all. I have swapped HUs I have Tried both sets of channels Amp is ground directly to battery Gain High or low high. Tried a different amp and don't have that issue (I have low level noise but I believe its a source unit problem) Amp does have the HPF on and set to 5khz, which is what I need to actively run my tweeters. Other amp which I have no problem is a ID q450.4 Ill be trying it in a different vehicle today and new rcas after that. Any advice on getting this narrowed down to the amp would be amazing.