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  1. JohnnyKo12

    New eD A's!!!

    Whoa, crazy vid, lol.
  2. JohnnyKo12

    what do you guys know about he new H2 Orions?

    Just did a H2 15 install in a blazer and it pouuuuuuuuunds. Amazing sub for daily driving. delvryboy saw it today at a MECA event I think. I believe it did a 145.6 on a 1200d if I remember correctly.
  3. JohnnyKo12

    How did you guys find SSA???

    Shane was postwhoring a trail of links to a handful of audio forums, I've never seen this one so I decided to plop down and stay for a little while.
  4. JohnnyKo12

    Happy B-day Shane

    OLD MAN!!
  5. JohnnyKo12

    Driving shots

    look at my speedo on the second pic Turning your gauges off to keep the miles down?
  6. JohnnyKo12

    Jig Saw

    ooooh, gotta be better than mine. Mine doesn't turn off, right when ya plug it into the wall it starts sawin' away Looks pretty sweet
  7. JohnnyKo12

    You wanna see what LOUD is?

    I think you're really onto somethin w/ the idea of SS5+, I say ya try it dude. Just wall off that cav and get crazy As of what the leaderboard says right now, a 145 is top ten. Regarless of that, it'd looked pimped w/ a wall of little woffers. Or you can join NW w/ me and watch me get spanked by 10+db's, lol.
  8. JohnnyKo12

    You wanna see what LOUD is?

    verrrry loud B) He shakes the gutters on his house nicely, lol. Too bad if he stays in Street B he's gonna have a lot of heavy competition, even at a local show. Lotsa loud street ppl around Chicago. But ya never know, new woofers and another vr2000d might help that a bit. It's gonna be a fun summer
  9. JohnnyKo12


  10. JohnnyKo12

    attn johnny

    They let your goof ass be a moderator?? btw, this is the coolest thing I've ever seen-----> :boink: