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  1. tommydh

    tuning single sa-10

    I would say stick around the 32-35 range for daily use. If you are running any type of EQ you can tweek it a lil more but I wouldn't want to limit the sub by tuning in mid 40's
  2. tommydh

    Not new but not a regular here

    I will get some up very shortly I realized that after I posted
  3. I figured I would stop by again and check the forum out. Im trying to find information on repairing a 5.25 midrange tinsel lead. Its on a Kicker ss56.2 mid. I have the break located in a section that is under a wrap that holds lead to underside of cone. Any tips opinion or exp with a similar issue is appreciated
  4. tommydh

    1 X10 Vs 2 SA-8 V.2 on 1000w RMS

    Ok in my opinion with 1000 Watts RMS I'd go with the SA-8's simply bc the x-10 is 1250 RMS and in the little experience I've had with Sundown subs I'd look at 2k for that sub I was running 2 SD-2 10's now I'm running a single 10 on a RF T1000.bd at 2 ohms and its handling it very nicely. If you were able or willing to go to 1500 w I'd say x-10 but its only my opinion. Sorry to actually answer the question
  5. You've never uses a prs then I used to think they were junk till I was introduced to DEH 80PRS
  6. To all the F-tards It wasnt a loaded question. Ihave been on these BS forums and all I was asking was Are there any nsuggestions that mayu have not been plastered on here already. I was looking at Sundown and AQ/Soundqubed but was open to other ideas that someone may have. On the HO alternator I dont have to buy it it is being custom wound by P/H autoelectric for my application. They make HO alternators for all different applications I hust wont have Shiny Billett BFD. Oh was supposed tio overpay for a product they make for a sponsoring company with a Namebrand on it sorry I go directy. When you buy the stuff that goes in my vehiclle Ill be more than happy to install anything you want. As for the ever changing system I never keep anything too long and my neighbors keep buying my shit. So I feel thhat this has been a complete waste of time I will leave you Audio snobs be and feel free to GFYS or play in traffic Adios MF
  7. control bags or hydros if you have them. My old truck would drop wen armed and come to drive height on disarm but had up/dwn controls also. Was fun when people would try looking insiide hit the button n scare them
  8. Tjanks for the suggestion its a lil more tan I was looking to spend but I was looking at some of there other amps def will keep in mind.
  9. Thank you for finally answering the question. Now is there anyone that has anythhing to offer other than what the store here sells. I have asked similiar questions and it seems noone has an opinion that they werent given. I have had Sundown and they are at the top of list but was looking for other opinions. I know there aresome other companies out there
  10. Ok I believe you all need to read the original post or dont bother. ALL I was asking was for suggestions for amps. Since you all are too fing concerned about trting to show you read more shit than the next guy about crap I was not aslking jyou about I think I will be better off closing my eyes and throwing darts at a poster. If you have AMP suggestions Amp suggestions only I only was looking for that. You have no clue what I am planning for as far as Alternator or batteries so dont even go there. I KNOW MY CURRENT ELECTRICAL IS NOT UP TO PAR it is in the works already. I am having a custom wound unit done by a shop local to me that I do motor control work and PM for.We will be well over 300Amps plus Three batteries will be more than enough. Currently I have a BRZ 1700 at 1ohm a pioneer GM 6400 for mids and highs and I have 0 voltage drop or light dim with my stock battery and alternator. I have a 1/0 Big 3 done and it is doing its job. Does anyone have amp ideas or are you all gonna just keep trying to answer a question never asked.
  11. If in doubt go with a single 2/0 but you should be fine with a single 1/0
  12. Other than Big 3 and Battery what do you suggest. I'm just curious what your recomendations are. Do you have a degree or masters liscense in Eletrical fields. I do I have done some calculations already so please enlighten me but I doubt your expertise isnt close to my background in this field. But please I want to hear your suggestion
  13. BC I'm planning on using 4 So you have a budget of $800 total for amps for your subs, and want the most power you can get? Do you have an additional budget to upgrade your electrical? Doesn't make much sense to drop $800 for a bunch of amps if your electrical isn't up to par, and I highly doubt replacing the battery with an AGM is going to be enough. I'm not trying to be rude but if you would read I will upgrade electrical That is not included in budget as I was always planning on it and just dont see the use in rerplacing a functional battery that has not faultered a bit with what i am running currently. I am already running 3 amps on it i plan on changing them all out to a better line possably same manufacturer. If you would have read you would notice that my current budgetis non existent so I am simply trying to get a broader range of ideas. In the past I've done big high quality comp builds going back to 96 wit RF Punch Power DVC 4-12's off 2 Punch Power 50M's on stock electrical wihout issues so Ill address alt if needed I plan on Battery upgrades that is not included in the amp budget. I do not have a hard limit im simply trying to see what I can getr away with.