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  1. It was a fun box,great output, change it after a while, but as friends said, that was the crazy box i had. Only one major drawback, it had a slightly port noise, if you have a hatchback maybe you can hear it. If I open the trunk I can hear it, in the car sounded great. Maybe it can be fixed with a bigger port area.
  2. I will do a bandpass, and build it myself. The goal is to cover a wide area of frequencies. Since its a complex design I will pay for it. I've heard about RAM Designs, but how about Dave the box guy? Whom you would recommend?
  3. Hello fellas! I'm back and I need your help again. A while ago I did a project with 2x12" type r alpine. It was a bass reflex box, 5ft³ and two ports, 10 cm in diameter with 25 cm length, tuned around 31hz. I will upload some pics to be more clear. Now I am thinking do same thing but with this 1x12 sundown. First, the box, 2.3ft³, tuned at 30hz, I will use same diameter ports, 10cm, but what length? Maximum diameter port I can use is 12cm. Another thing, should I put the sub facing up with the ports? What do you guys think of this?
  4. Hello guys, and thank you Dave and everyone for help. The box is done, as I promised I have return with some pics. The old sealed box, made by me... as I said before, not to good looking but it gets the job done. About the new box, what can I say, it get quite loud, and I'm sure it's gonna get louder when I'm gonna put the sub at 1 ohm. Great box and hope to be back soon with a video.
  5. Thanks guys. Well, I what this box to be great and I'm gonna let a pro do it It's gonna be ready in one week or so. I know I got a custom design box for free, and I really appreciate. Maybe I gonna try ram designs when I will want a spl box, but this in few months. Sure, I'll post some pictures and videos when it's ready.
  6. Ok man, thanks, I'll be back with some photos when it's done.
  7. Looking good What do you think about those 45 corners, will make a difference or leave it just how it is? Now, should I leave it at 4 ohm or put it on 1 ohm with the gain down a little bit? I don't want to seem rude, I appreciate your work and time, but it can be done in cm? I probably will hand this project to someone that can make it for me, and here we work with cm, only if you can, because I know it can be converted but I what to be exactly your measurements, not converted and modified or something else. I have some MDF 2cm thickness left from the other box, maybe I will do it my self, we'll see Once again, thanks a lot man.
  8. Great box, but I don't have the tools and experience to do that, I only build a sealed box so far... didn't turn out to good looking, but it does the job. Most of all, I like those 45 corners, I always think that helps alot. Definitely gonna do them on the new box.
  9. If you think 35 hz is good, sure, I will go with that.
  10. Thanks for the fast reply Before sa12 i've got 2x12" type r with port and subs firing back, much vibration indeed, not a great box thou, but anyway, i've put 4 stp silver bulk pack all over, trunk, floor, doors, roof. So Dave, if it's not to much trouble, I would like some help with any desing you think will sound best for the car, sure the 1.75 cuft is even great, it leaves me with more space The maximum dimensions I have is 65cm width 40cm height 50cm depth. Thanks alot, I really appreciate taking your time helping me.
  11. Hello guys, greetings from Romania I need some opinions with a new box for a sundown audio sa12. I'm currently running the sub in a sealed enclosure (1.3ft³), on audio que 2200d at 4 ohm, until it will loosen up a little bit to handle 1000-1500w at 1 ohm. I whant to add that I own a sedan car, and thinking to put the sub up close to the port. So, any ideas, suggestions? Any response will be greatly appreciated.
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    'How to behave on an internet forum'

    Funny and true indeed.
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    Newbs pleeze read b4 posting

    Well, cheers to all newbees and Lilith of course.
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    How did you guys find SSA???

    Hello from Romania I was on sundownaudio.com looking at the sa12. I expect to arrive in about 1 month, until then hope to find some great specs for a box. Cheers!