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    My wall thread

    What are you stalking me Travis... I am on most of the car audio sites. LOTS of good info here, and it's flame free.. no stalking here. just coincidence! i'm trying to get educated on these fi's so i went searching for a foum dedicated to them. found it! my mk2 brahma 15 has been sitting dead for about 1.5 years now and with all the horror stories about adire losing peoples subs and/or flat out not sending them back when they went in for re-cones is making me want to just get a new one from somebody. and its either gonna be Fi Q's or wait for the new AA stuff to come out.
  2. NeverEnough

    Free stuff :)

    so who won the credits?
  3. NeverEnough

    FI Recones

    i've got a MK2 brahma 15 sitting around that needs re-coned. any idea if you guys could do it? i believe they are 3" VC dia. i still want it to sound like a brahma though and i've heard some horror stories about getting adire to send your sub back to you....
  4. NeverEnough

    My wall thread

    holy crap, you're on here too?!?! i just found this place! and so far me likey the info on the Fi's
  5. NeverEnough

    checking in from Iowa

    hey guys just found this forum searching for box specs an an Fi Q 18
  6. NeverEnough

    How did you guys find SSA???

    searched google for box recommendations on a Fi Q 18....... i'm doing a boat install on the side for a friend of mine's dad. and thikin about a 15 for myself