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    optidrive amps

    Yep, the 7001d specifically had the same issue with the AB wasn't it? Anyways, 2v input was max.. It was a mistake by the buildhouse that customers were not told beforehand. As far as i know, this only effects the 7001d of opti amps.
  2. shizzzon

    amp dyno

    I could see that.. That would be some pretty bizarre spiked slopes.
  3. shizzzon

    favorite brand names

    Taramps DC Power Coleman Cable (CCI) SPL-Lab Direct Sound Solutions (DSS) Red Star Alpine
  4. shizzzon

    amp dyno

    I guess this is where i'm going to need some more info.. Your analogy of- Amp A 100wrms 200wpeak vs Amp B 100wrms 400wpeak If an amp is going to make the speaker(s) sound any different, wouldn't that just be a reflection of how much distortion is being driven to the speaker(s)? If both amps do the same continuous power at the same everything, voltage, input voltage, HU volume number, bla bla bla.. And both amps output 100wrms at the same distortion level, then how would Amp B sound any better? Another problem i have is this- IF i am looking at this wrong.. let's say I was.. This whole discussion about dynamic keeps going back to when playing music.. playing music.. playing music.. It takes quite a bit of power for the human ear to hear a difference in amplitude. And dynamic is so quick, it would be easily debatable, in my opinion, that even if an amp doubled it's dynamic output power when playing music, no one would be able to hear it. Just for kicks.. i haven't seen a single amp tested where it's dynamic rating is at or more than 200% of it's certified output. So.. because of this, if I installed a 2000w amp and then swapped it out for a 3500w amp, i may hear a difference on some songs but not all and this is practically doubling my amp power all the time.. The ability to measure dynamically to show an increase in output power for the sake of saying this amp will sound better doesn't make any sense when dynamically speaking in the real world, the spike would be too fast and not enough amplitude to audibly hear a difference. You may not be comparing output power to output power.. but if the dyno says it does it of a % greater than the certified score.. then same rules apply in a vehicle or with any power supply weak or strong.. Dynamic is always higher obviously. So.. output power or a cleaner audible experience.. all other things being equal especially THD between multiple amps, there shouldn't be a reason why one amp is\would sound better than another.
  5. shizzzon

    IAK needs an "IHOP"

    I did it! 8 subs, 3 layers thick.. working on sealing around the area where the baffle must go.. Then building under the wall and all that.. I have to take all my front seats out and the console to try and get this baffle in.. I'll try that next weekend as i got some more wood to cut.
  6. shizzzon

    drunken IAK thread?.....lol

    I cant stop drinking this raspberry rum.. But dont worry.. it's backed by 151,
  7. shizzzon

    Tantric Sounds

    No one can disagree with this. Quentin did his research and jumped into the scene prepared without a doubt!
  8. shizzzon

    First post. Question about soundqubed

    I have run over a dozen aq amps and not one problem. I didn't mention just amps, but subs too. They should have never started their company when they did.. They were too amateur when they started.. Then they publicly announced they would never do a large competition amp.. yet they brought out the AQ20k.. I can't tell what to make of them. Then they started selling Stetsom on their website.. That would be like going to Fi's website and buying Tantric subs. It wouldn't make sense. Like other companies, it's their business ethic that's in question.
  9. shizzzon

    SPL-Lab Now Advances Termlab to NEW Markets

    Spl lab supports more functions with all our hardware to choose from than termlab. To do a whole sweep like what you are saying, just use peak hold with either of our products.
  10. shizzzon

    First post. Question about soundqubed

    I must say.. I cant get everything from companies who build their own stuff.. but those who I trust deeply, I'll work with them.
  11. shizzzon

    First post. Question about soundqubed

    Its expensive in the sense of what you all are going to see next year. But for right now, pricing is normal for what the market is used to. One of my aq2200ds bout 5yrs ago had a piece of metal grounding out the inputs inside brand new. Also, first time I bought an hd3 from aq before, they internally shorted the coils. Lack of QC.. no thanks. Im sticking with companies now who actually build their own products rather than having someone else build it for them.
  12. shizzzon

    First post. Question about soundqubed

    I want a big fat D class, one I wont have to replace with a bigger one in 3 years, or because it broke. I want in the 3000 watt rms range. but will come down if the circumstances call for it(really impressive features, flawless reliablity, Rarity, anything like that) Its just tempting to get the AQ 3500.1 I mean, who can say no to 4200 watts rms at 14.4 volts-1 Ohm for $800 shipped. but thats why I came to you guys. Actually, that's quite expensive, but i can't say anything until next year. If you want impressive features, look at Incriminator Audio or CT Sounds for the time being.
  13. ANY battery needs to be manually charged if the alternator can't keep up with the load. But under normal usage, that is false about requiring to charge agm just for the hell of it.
  14. Instead of approaching the different battery types like that, look at it like this- If any battery is going to be INSIDE the vehicle, it needs to be AGM for safety reasons. AGMs are built to withstand vibrations and to prevent gassing unlike a typical Lead Acid battery. AGMs are still lead acid but completely sealed and much safer. Gel batteries have ultra strict charging tolerances that cannot be sustained on a car audio system via an alternator. So.. AGM is the only way to go for safety and long life.
  15. is the load tester you have access to Fixed(100A, 150A, 200A only?) or variable(10-1500A?)
  16. shizzzon

    Did I buy the wrong Incriminator woofer?

    Thank you Shizzon. I appreciate that. I just had a horrible feeling like I was buying an old school MTX RFL woofer and if you remember those were strictly a burp woofer Yea i remember.. the TRF. The RE MTs were suppose to be too. they were a little more lenient but still not lasting in musical setups. Many damaged MTs came about in that era.
  17. shizzzon

    Did I buy the wrong Incriminator woofer?

    The Judge would be viewed in a sense like how the BTL N3s were.. They were pushed to be "SPL drivers" but SPL isn't burp. People get that mixed up a lot for some reason. Nobody really wants to make a burp sub anymore because there's hardly any profit in doing so. So.. the BTL N3 was NOT a burp sub and neither is this. It has potential to have a non-flat response. "SPL drivers" geared toward competition formats need to focus on single frequencies primarily but still be musical. Many formats require averaging and you can't use old school burp subs on formats like today on extreme high power. So, yes, this sub will play music. However, if you require ideal response out of it, i would talk to IA about getting some options added to it before it's built.
  18. shizzzon

    Did I buy the wrong Incriminator woofer?

    IA dont make burp only subs.
  19. shizzzon

    Happy Birthday Phil

    Happy Birthday!
  20. Is the load tester variable or fixed output?
  21. shizzzon

    SPL-Lab now supports Term-lab!

    IT should man. I do not know about the older meters prior to ~2008 but doesn't hurt to try. It's free to use so why not?
  22. shizzzon

    SPL-Lab now supports Term-lab!

    Our newest software update, v.2.4 now supports Term-Lab Hardware! Now users can experience our software without being an actual customer first. And best of all, our software is FREE! SPL-Lab Measurement Center v2.4
  23. shizzzon


    Oh ok. I thought about watercooling one time.. but eh.. the minute amount watercooling helps over Thermalright Heatsinks and dual\triple 120mm fans can do.. i always just stayed with air. My systems run 24\7 so i never do any crazy OCing. My older Core2Quad 2.5 is OC'ed to 3.44 and that's it. Any higher and it gets finicky. I require more uptime than anything. I do like speed though for some transcoding. I've been eyeing sixcore i7 for a while and now Ivy Bridge is out in six core now.... It's paradise to own that.. but until then.. i've lasted 1.5yrs now without building it.. so i'm good so far, hehe.
  24. shizzzon

    sp4 dust cap warm

    Kicker amps are not bad. Their subs is what lack potential.
  25. shizzzon


    And it's not just them.. I've gotten on SPL-Lab for doing this stuff too man.. You know it took SPL-Lab TWO YEARS after i joined them before a manual was ever written and the company was active for 5 yrs before the first manual was written. It must be a translation thing, hehe. But in the end, the job does get taken care of. Enough complaining and "constructive translated criticism" gets it done.