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    IAK needs an "IHOP"

    Its going on 7 months now since I pulled the batts out of the last car and STILL resting at 12.6v Keep in mind these are not g31s either. Just 44ah.
  2. shizzzon

    Who makes custom heavy duty springs?

    The right way is to go air but I had MANY issues with air the last time because I had no reserve. Its either 2 small compressors or springs.. Already contacted national spring...
  3. shizzzon

    Who makes custom heavy duty springs?

    it wasnt. It's the same as liljestrand's, 2008 scion xb. I had originally planned on running air again on this car and mounting it all under the cargo floor because there is lots of room there. However, once i started building the wall, i no longer have access to inside cargo floor so all fasteners would need to stay outside of the vehicle.. There is no framework to attach to on the outside unless you create your own. Also, with 4 runs of 4/0 going up through the cargo floor dead center under the car, i only have half the width to install a tank.. and with currently no place to mount it. Ironically, pancake tanks are too big. I have found a decent 2gal tank but i think i want to do something a little different.. In my last install, i had independent air lines because weight distribution is never equal. So.. this is what i'm thinking if i do air- 2 air struts, each on their own line ran to their own compressor. Air spring reservoirs are so small that any compressor can air them up quick.
  4. shizzzon

    IAK needs an "IHOP"

    Don't do it yet.. I'm still far from playing.
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    Well these are the specs i'm talking about!
  6. shizzzon

    IAK needs an "IHOP"

    I have officially lost the use of my rear view mirror in the Scion xB last night.. I am progressing...
  7. And certainly not cheaper! It would take 6 2.5 to 2.7v caps in series to equal required voltage. Thats $420 purchased new. A g31 is plenty of battery and way cheaper than that. Also caps should use balancing circuits which is even more cost...
  8. shizzzon

    IAK needs an "IHOP"

    Holy jesus. How do you have a ton of weight?
  9. You keep pushing this advice as if it's the answer for everything. That's why you keep getting shut down. Caps are for burst power, not for reserve. They have the potential to be unsafe, extremely expensive, i can go on and on. Until UCs have the ability to replace batteries, then it's not interesting. Most people are after reserve in this hobby and those that only want short bursts of power will want UCs. The only reason why our local guy gets away with 16 banks of them is because of his alternator ability. He's pulling just under 3,000A for 5sec or less before they drop to ~10.5v and shut amp off. going through XS power and spending just over $1k will net you the same ability. Caps may have an edge on the meter in this scenario but batts will recover.. caps wont. No Reserve.. not worth it.
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    when they are ready.. i may be interested.. but not in 8 of them though.. I have over 60,000w of power on tap if you want to get serious.
  11. shizzzon

    World Finals 2013 Huntsville, AL

    yea its that one
  12. shizzzon

    Bass knob.

    if they both do or do not have clipping indicators and both do and only do the same functions, you can try it.
  13. Or just help him out and tell him since this is a car audio forum. The Big 3 is upgrading your wire under the hood and leaving factory wire intact: (Add a 1/0 wire or #2 wire like you have now). 1. Wire from positive battery post to positive alternator post. 2. Wire from negative battery post to bolt on the engine block. 3. Wire from negative battery post to bolt on the frame or strut tower, whichever is easier. . This wire should be as close to the alternator as possible if not on the actual casing if there is a bolt for ground. This wire is used in conjunction with the upgraded power wire to battery from alt to properly supply power to the front battery without voltage drop.
  14. From all the years of randomly meeting idiots with the lack of any knowledge, showing or even playing your setup for someone is not going to win over many retards out there. They'll always say something exactly like this- Yea, oh man.. That was loud. My uncle (or who the hell ever they name) used to be(it's always used to) into car audio and he competed(of course, the whole world must have competed as well back in the day) and blew out his windshield(just like a tornado. That should be a bible story.) So to prevent themselves from looking dumbfounded, they manifest a highly exaggerated story on how something happened(which never did) that would put your system to shame. You can't argue with idiots so I screen people. IF i think or believe they are 100% retard, they will not be privileged to listen to the setup. These are the kind of people that are not curious on how you built it or how loud it gets but just to joke on it because they do not have the ability to comprehend anything new in life they come across so they dispute any and all facts of knowledge. This is full retard and again, nope, not privileged. So pay attention to who you talk to because these people will spread information so twisted that it could make any brand look very bad.
  15. shizzzon

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    did he break is neck? I seen the other flying dagger video before but not this recent one.
  16. shizzzon


    I'm going to worn you to just say this- You better have lots of "capital" and money just floating around. Rules change every year.. every other year. IF you manufacturer products to squeeze the last bit out of any particular league, they will change the rules to prevent such products from being used in context. It would mean only those running that product would win. That's a rule change for sure right there.
  17. shizzzon

    B-Stock discounted Deadener over at SDS

    That's awesome. I will say this.. NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER buy SecondSkin's B stock if it has anything to do with the adhesive layer being different than advertised. I had bought a shit ton of it a long time ago because i have tools to install it assuming i could force it to work in vertical applications.. Yea, i guess i was dreaming. IF you are installing B stock SS damp or spl tiles on the floor, then that's fine.. I installed em all on the roof with a heat gun forcefully pressed. Anyone who knows me personally knows i overkill EVERYTHING. I'll melt the bitch and roll the shit through the roof if i have to to get it to stick.. Long story short, it ALL started to fall in less than a week. Now, i see SDS has thinner adhesive. Let's hope it's not vertically effected. Keep that in mind.
  18. shizzzon

    DEEP DEEP competitor discounts

    Hey Quentin, i tried pming you but i guess your inbox is full. Can you either pm me or email me at shizzzon@gmail.com I wanted to ask you something that doesn't need to be posted. Irrelevant to this thread and all others for that matter.
  19. shizzzon

    DEEP DEEP competitor discounts

    What about those of us who do and did compete who already purchased them?
  20. shizzzon

    World Finals 2013 Huntsville, AL

    Reserved... For Funniness
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    World Finals 2013 Huntsville, AL

    Short Videos of Nice installs- http://s303.photobucket.com/user/shizzzon/media/World%20Finals%202013/20131019_123222.mp4.html http://s303.photobucket.com/user/shizzzon/media/World%20Finals%202013/20131019_131105.mp4.html http://s303.photobucket.com/user/shizzzon/media/World%20Finals%202013/20131019_132124.mp4.html