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    First post. Question about soundqubed

    It's actually one 2/0. they work in 1 of 2 ways. 1- maintain power and ground wire within 1-2 ft length max. 2- use our custom tooled inputs we are having made for these amps so you can run up to 3 cables to them from 1/0 to 4/0. we could go forever all day about the internals in these amps but it's not appropriate doing it in this thread.
  2. shizzzon

    Archiving SPL-Lab section

    We are just changing with our company. Nothing odd going on. I'll still be around. I just didn't want our section archived with me not saying anything about it previously.
  3. SMD= Surface Mount Design. Due to some products we distribute under SPL-Lab USA and the engineering behind them, the company, SMD, will never be a part of us.
  4. Many of Stetsom's amps were and some still are only up to 15v capable. Taramp's was somewhat like that too in the past.. Currently- Only their LARGE amp line, the T Line(11k-20k) only handles up to 15v. Their multichannel lines and new SMD amp line, the HD line, are all capable up to 16v.
  5. shizzzon

    sundown saz1200d crossover

    I know, that's why i said slope instead of just crossover point. I didnt know any other way to word it.
  6. shizzzon

    sundown saz1200d crossover

    then if you WANT to know the number, put a DMM on the speaker terminals measuring AC voltage and playing a certain sine wave. When the voltage drops, the crossover's slope is past that point.
  7. Taramp's Official Group Buy The Group Buy will end February 16, 2014 11:59pm EST on a Sunday night. We expect all orders to come in and ship out domestically between week one and two of March. We expect all orders to be delivered to customers in the Group Buy before SBN 2014 which is March 22-23, 2014. All prices set below for immediate payment include shipping and is good for the lower 48 states. Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, other territories of the US and all International orders are subject for custom shipping quotes which shall be done via contacting me at- shizzzon@gmail.com All amplifiers (unless otherwise noted) come with custom Wire inputs used to run extra or larger cables to amp to prevent unwanted voltage drop. It IS POSSIBLE that some amps may not have their inputs manufactured on time(mid March). If this happens, we will let you know and ship them out for free immediately after receiving them. We just want to let everyone know this just in case our deadline is not met. Warranty coverage is 1yr from manufactured date. We offer alternate warranty coverage that is described in this link- Warranty Services Explained And now, the pricing- HD Series Full Range SMD(Surface-Mounted Device) Technology based Class D amps. These amps range from 5Hz-10HZ - 15KHz, Power rated at 0.3-0.5% THD and have on-board subsonic, low pass and bass boost* with efficiency ranges in the 72-78% range at low ohm stability range. When placing your order, PLEASE put into text field which ohm stability version you wish to purchase! The power rating next to the amp model will be it's capability at specified ohm version. IE- 1,439w amp can be built for 1 or 2ohm rating. Certain amps may or may not have additional ohm versions but ALL versions will be listed next to each amp. Power supply range- 10.5v-16vDC HD8000 9,595w @13.8v @0.5% THD Ohm versions- 1 or 2 ohm Dimensions (WxHxD): 9.02" X 2.56" X 19.57" Weight: 13.47lbs Wire input adapter- Triple 1/0 - 4/0 Insert with Protective Insulation Price- $795 shipped HD6500 7,796w @13.8v @0.3% THD Ohm versions- 1 or 2 ohm Dimensions (WxHxD): 9.02" x 2.56" x 18.82" Weight: 11.46lbs Wire input adapter- Triple 1/0 Insert with Protective Insulation Price- $729 shipped HD5000 5,997w @13.8v @0.3% THD Ohm versions- 1 or 2 ohm Dimensions (WxHxD): 9.02" x 2.56" x 17.6" Weight: 11.44lbs Wire input adapter- Triple 1/0 Insert with Protective Insulation Price- $659 shipped HD4000 4,798w @13.8v @0.3% THD Ohm versions- 1 or 2 ohm Dimensions (WxHxD): 9.02" x 2.56" x 14.76" Weight: 9.08lbs Wire input adapter- Triple 1/0 Insert with Protective Insulation Price- $615 shipped HD3000 3,598w @13.8v @0.3% THD Ohm versions- 1 or 2 ohm Dimensions (WxHxD): 9.02" x 2.56" x 11.34" Weight: 6.86lbs Wire input adapter- 4awg to 1/0 terminal Price- $469 shipped HD2500 2,998w @13.8v @0.3% THD Ohm versions- 1 or 2 ohm Dimensions (WxHxD): 9.02" x 2.56" x 9.53" Weight: 5.73lbs Wire input adapter- 4awg to 1/0 terminal Price- $425 shipped HD1600 1,919w @13.8v @0.3% THD Ohm versions- 1, 2 or 4 ohm Dimensions (WxHxD): 9.02" x 2.56" x 9.53" Weight: 5.52lbs Wire input adapter- 6awg to 1/0 terminal Price- $376 shipped HD1200 1,439w @13.8v @0.3% THD Ohm versions- 1 or 2 ohm Dimensions (WxHxD): 9.02" x 2.56" x 8.08" Weight: 4.37lbs Wire input adapter- Unavailable Price- $332 shipped HD800 959w @13.8v @0.5% THD Ohm versions- 1 or 2 ohm Frequency Range- 20Hz - 30KHz Dimensions (WxHxD): 7.68" x 2.2" x 7.91" Weight: 3.53lbs Wire input adapter- Unavailable Price- $295 shipped HD400.4S All ratings are at 0.02%THD at 13.8v Ohm versions- 2 ohm only 4x100w @2Ω / 2x100w @2Ω + 1x200w @4Ω 4x60w @4Ω / 2x200w @4Ω / 2x60w @4Ω + 1x120w @8ohm 4x33w @8Ω / 2x120w @8Ω / 2x33w @8Ω + 1x66w @16ohm Frequency Range- 10Hz - 38KHz HPF / LPF Fixed @80Hz Dimensions (WxHxD): 5.94" x 2.01" x 7.99" Weight: 1.4lbs Wire input adapter- Unavailable Price- $174 shipped T Series Besides the T500, this line is Taramp's extreme high output series with efficiency ranges from 71-89% at 1ohm(and at 1 or 2ohm on T500). These amps are also full range for use for bass and midbass\range as well going up to 5KHz with subsonic and low pass filter. All power ratings based on 12.6v with power supply voltage range from 10.5-15.0v. T20.2KW 20,200w @0.3%THD 23,800w @13.8v Frequency Range- 5Hz - 5KHz Ohm versions- 1 ohm only Dimensions (WxHxD) - 11.46" x 2.2" x 28.74" Weight: 31.09lbs Wire input adapter- Triple 1/0 - 4/0 Insert with Protective Insulation Price- $1829 shipped T14.2KW 14,200w @0.3%THD 16,800w @13.8v Frequency Range- 5Hz - 5KHz Ohm versions- 1 ohm only Dimensions (WxHxD) - 11.46" x 2.2" x 28.74" Weight: 29.76lbs Wire input adapter- Triple 1/0 - 4/0 Insert with Protective Insulation Price- $1659 shipped T10.9KW 10,900w @0.3%THD 12,890w @13.8v Frequency Range- 5Hz - 5KHz Ohm versions- 1 ohm only Dimensions (WxHxD) - 11.46" x 2.2" x 24.88" Weight: 22.71lbs Wire input adapter- Triple 1/0 - 4/0 Insert with Protective Insulation Price- $1399 shipped T500D 500w @0.5%THD 599w @13.8v Frequency Range- 20Hz - 30KHz Ohm versions- 1 or 2 ohm Bass Boost HPF / LPF fixed at 100Hz Dimensions (WxHxD) - 8.27" x 6.61" x 2.05" Weight: 2.65lbs Wire input adapter- Unavailable Price- $189 shipped
  8. shizzzon

    Taramp's Group Buy Amps, processors, etc...

    Hurry! Group buy ends tonight!
  9. shizzzon

    crescendo pwx 6"

    i own the 8s.. to me, they sound awesome for high powered installs, except for the following- the 8s are rated for 200wrms. I run ~400-500wrms per driver crossed around 300Hz to 3.5KHz. Around 3KHz, they start resonating because of the cone material. The cone needs to be mass loaded when using this much power. Easy fix is to not use that much power.. Using these drivers is purely a custom tuning scenario. I would NOT suggest EVER replacing your current woofers\mids with ANY pro audio driver in a passive x-over config. Pro audio drivers need pure active processing.
  10. We are working on our new Distribution site which will have several brands of Car Audio and will launch it sometime soon for all to enjoy. We will be setting the mark to be the first to start manufacturing and distributing certain products along with how our pricing structure is controlled for the customer. 1st Point- We are working with another company in South America who knows a thing or two about Taramp's.. They are manufacturing us some protection devices SPECIFICALLY for Taramp's low voltage protection. They are set at a solid 10.8v for low voltage and 15.0v for high voltage(not changeable but can be bypassed temporarily when using HD amps) There protection device has a 3 stage protection system which cuts off system immediately when a trigger is hit or a delayed shut down if repeated triggers are hit within a certain time period. 2nd Point- SPL-Lab has just finished R&D-ing a new product to be announced soon. I will tell you it is a new low cost(under $80) protection system that has features and convenience that has NO current competition to it! Video, pics, specs, features will all be released soon. 3rd Point- Our new distribution site for car audio will offer a new Incentive Payment System that will allow customers to purchase products (those that qualify that do not violate MAP) LOWER than other companies. We try to always keep cost down as low as possible and we have found a way to eliminate certain costs to us that allows us to lower cost to customer. 4th Point- Another update to Android is coming soon that will offer support for potentially more Android devices and RTA Support! the First portable RTA system of it's kind. When we have the go ahead to share more information, we will post it here!
  11. shizzzon

    How to hit 150+db with 1 Fi BL12?

    If you gonna say DD-Z, i'll say Shocker Apocalipse. The only current contender to the DD-Z successfully.
  12. EastPenn makes Dekas. Enersys makes Odyssey. Odyssey is some correlation to the Diehard G31s so i assume the G34 is as well.
  13. shizzzon

    No sound coming from my subs

    As I suggested earlier.. plug your phone up to the amp.
  14. Most Korean and Chinese amp's THD power ratings are done at 1%. Tenacious is right about typical efficiency ratings at 1ohm. If you want high efficiency and low THD rated output, you need Full Bridge Rectification like Taramp's and not Half Bridge like what most products are on the market. But. the REAL question is why are you limiting your search for products to such unrealistic values?
  15. shizzzon

    No sound coming from my subs

    You have to host it somewhere like photobucket then link it here.
  16. shizzzon

    No sound coming from my subs

    Well, this could be simple.. hopefully.. Why did you change the cables? Try different cables... When you swapped the cables, was the head unit EVER on? I do not know what rubber piece you are talking about.
  17. shizzzon

    brand new tweeter not working

    I guess i must be a genius then... I run 500w per 8" driver of the pro audio series and they are only rated for 200wrms. IF you do not know how to handle the power you have, then failure will occur.
  18. shizzzon

    No sound coming from my subs

    Well, with as broad of a question as this, i'm assuming you know nothing about troubleshooting so i'll go down the list of things to check. 1st, Is their subs in your vehicle? Do you have at least 1 battery in the car? Does the car start up everyday? Do you have speaker wire going to the subs? Is the wire connected to the box? Push down on your subs evenly and listen to rubbing, is it rubbing metal anywhere? Pull the subs out and see if they are connected to the subs still Do you have an amp? Does the wire go to the amp? Does the amp come on? Is the protection light on the amp? Is the fuse(s) blown on the amp or on the power wire? Does your head unit work? is there rcas going into the amp? If so, unplug them with stereo off and plug up another source to your amp like a cell phone and see if that works. Once you go through al that, then we can begin troubleshooting.
  19. shizzzon

    Volt meter recommendation

    No. We do not like to announce anything prior to marketing if we feel the idea(s) can be duplicated by other engineers. We do not even know our price yet(our exact price) because we are still R&Ding it. Therefore, we do not know the US pricing either. We have to make sure the cost equals or exceeds the benefits of the product. What i can tell you is this as a spoiler.. This isn't JUST a voltmeter like you would get from Stinger. It is small and mountable like any voltmeter.. I should know more by ~mid March
  20. shizzzon

    Volt meter recommendation

    When, what price, what colors? When- 1-2months Price- Unknown, still R&Ding features and future potential Colors- Black. LED color- R&D currently
  21. Lucky you live so close.. I go every year.. don't know if i will this time or not yet.. My build had to be put on a 2 month hold because of the weather.
  22. shizzzon

    Volt meter recommendation

    Keep an eye on SPL-Lab innovation. We are working on something that is flashable Stay Tuned!
  23. Efficiency ratings may peak at 1khz.. you do not know which frequency or range is the most efficient and they won't tell you Because of this, we pay no attention to efficiency alone because without seeing an efficiency graph, the spec is pointless.
  24. shizzzon

    Wiring eight subs

    Ok, i'm going to word this as easy as i can as it's very easy the way it's laid out already, i'm going to attempt to "dumb it down". Take ALL 8 subs and series them INDEPENDENTLY Now you have 8 single 8 ohm subs. Now, take each sub and series them ALL together down the line.. When you are done doing that, you will have 4 16 ohm subs left. Now, take the remaining 4 subs' pos and neg and parallel them all together. This will drop it down to 4 ohms. Each pair of 16 ohm wires in parallel is 8 ohms. The final paralleling of 2 8ohm wires is 4ohms. Attempt to keep speaker wire during this entire wire configuration at the exact length for all subs as possible.
  25. shizzzon

    Can't get through to anyone...

    I hear there is possible issues outside of their control that is restricting their business potential. I am only feeling like this info is more and more true with continued problems getting through to them. Do not worry about all "online" companies having these issues. Some of us have large business networks where contact info is streamlined throughout all partners.