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  1. 00F150guy


    It's amazing how accurately this sub can play music while getting loud. I haven't even taken to the time to set my low pass as well as I'd like. I think I need to weld my trunk shut to stop the flex. I only weigh 160lbs or so but the trunk still flexes even with me sitting on it!
  2. 00F150guy


    I had an SSA Icon 12 in my car for about a year on 1200w RMS. The sub was in a 2.5ft^3 box tuned to 33 hz and it was definitely the most musical sub i have ever listened while dropping an insane amount on lows. I sold the sub a few months ago, ordered an Xcon 15, and built a 5ft^3 box tuned to 33hz again. The sub arrived yesterday packaged inside a crate that was inside a box lol. This thing must not have moved an INCH. The suspension on this sub is STIFF. Most definitely the stiffest suspension I have felt. Anyways, after hooking it up to my MB Quart Onx2000.1, I can say this thing is...well for lack of a better word...a MONSTER. The move up in cone area and power defintely made a huge difference in the amount bass. The xcon seems to the play the higher bass notes with more authority as well. Overall, this is one kick-ass sub and I cant wait for the suspension to loosen up and spend more time playing it. SSA has never let me down.
  3. 00F150guy

    how to wire, E12s

    One side of the sub will have two terminals. One will be negative and the other will be positive. If you spin it around, the other side will be the same thing. They all have a marking somewhere or a black or red color to identify which terminal is which.
  4. The bumper is fiberglass or something its definitely not sheet metal, and when i pulled the bumper out, the rattle drastically stopped. I think there is some plastic piece smcking against the frame or something. I sprayed expanding foam in a few places i thought were the cause with no luck. I dont have a system in my car for the moment because im waiting for my 15" xcon so i have to wait to get everything hooked up again. I was planning on just knocking everything out and having everything ready for my xcon to go in.
  5. I have a 08 Impala and when I had my Icon 12 on a 1200D, the bumper rattled like crazy. I had two layers of Raamat on the trunk outer skin. It seems like there is a piece of plastic or something smacking the frame behind the bumper and causing most of the rattle. Just wondering if anyone has fixed this issue. I have an Xcon 15 coming and it will be on 2000w~ and I know it will be a little worse. Any help is appreciated.
  6. 00F150guy

    You know what I don't like?

    The same thing happened with my Icon 12. People thought I had two 12s or two 15s lol. I can't wait for the Xcon. It's been about 23 business days so anyday now the sub should be shipped...I hope
  7. 00F150guy

    You know what I don't like?

    Yeah a little typo there
  8. 00F150guy

    You know what I don't like?

    I don't like how you guys sent me a coupon code for the new Zv3 Sundowns when I'm still waiting on my new Xcon to ship! STOP TRYING TO MAKE ME SPEND MORE MONEY! Lol jk in all honesty, I love this company and I'm excited to get xcon 15! I had an Icon 12 last year and was blown away what one 12 could do! I'm anxious to here the Xcon now!
  9. 00F150guy

    Who use SSA subs?

    I had an Icon 12 in my for a year and now an Xcon 15 is on the way
  10. 00F150guy

    daily ground pounder subs

    Two 15" Icons will do nicely. I had one 12" in the trunk of my impala on 1200 watts RMS and was surprised on the output.
  11. 00F150guy

    Wired SSA Icon 12 to 200w(4 ohms) today...

    I cant wait to get my Audioque 1200 then!
  12. 00F150guy

    Wired SSA Icon 12 to 200w(4 ohms) today...

    My friends wanted to hear my system and they all said "Wait this is only 200w?" Im so proud of my sub! I cant imagine what its going to be like on 1200
  13. As the title says, I hooked up my SSA Icon 12 to 200w today Since my Audioque 1200 doesnt come until Thursday and I noticed a few things... 1. Looks like I will definitely need to buy new speakers and amp them. 2. I severely underestimated this sub. This thing is a monster on only 200w 3. I have a ton of work to do to get rid of the insane rattle going on in the back. This is probably one of the loudest systems ive heard to date and its only on 200w right now. Ive never been so impressed by a single sub on such low wattage ever.
  14. 00F150guy

    Great Shipping time!!!

    I ordered the amp just now. Its an Audioque 1200d like posted earlier. So this whole system should be finished pretty soon. I still cant believe how loud it got on 240 watts. I had it on the back seat of my truck and the whole passenger seat was flexing on the lows. Ive never seen anything go so hard!
  15. 00F150guy

    Great Shipping time!!!

    I hooked the sub up temporarily to 4 ohms so it was getting about 240 watts or so and,,,holy hell! This thing was murdering the LOWS! Only on 240 watts. It was insane. I cant wait to get more money and get an amp for it