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  1. rizwan_seopro

    ascendant havoc bottoming out?

    ok i try it once again if this is correct i shall purchase it as soon as possible.
  2. rizwan_seopro

    ascendant havoc bottoming out?

    can these all information that you have posted is correct. the information is following as it's 1 12" havoc and the internal volume of the box is 2.3 cubic feet. it's tuned to 33 hertz, with a slot port that is 2"x13.5" please tell me about this.
  3. rizwan_seopro

    Sub Comparison pics

    nice and amazing these all tools impressed me thanks for the sharing. keep it up.
  4. rizwan_seopro

    Port flares for sale, 8" and 10" diameter pipe

    can any body tell me these prices in pakistani rupees thanks for the sharing.
  5. rizwan_seopro

    need help on choosing a componet set!

    hi gays i am a new member of this forum please help me if i foun any problem i am very thanksful to you.
  6. rizwan_seopro

    How to replace Tinsel lead (Sub-Woofer repair)

    yes this is amazing that you have done it sir i use it daily good post sir have a very nice day sir. http://www.smstashan.com