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  1. Wow, thanks for all the advice, guys, I sure do have a lot to look at!! I like a sealed box because of the space savings as well as the flatter frequency response. That being said, when powered with a couple of Infinity Kappa One amps, they hit hard and clear. I had upgraded from a pair of Kappa subwoofers, and the gcon's extra inch on the cone with and the additional x-max blew the old ones out of the water.
  2. Hello, I have two 12" SSA GCON dual 4ohm vc subwoofers in a sealed box I made. (750w rms each) I was previously driving each subwoofer with an Infinity Kappa One amp, 800W @ 2ohm, but my stupid pre-out adapter decided to push 12V to the amps, frying their input circuitry. So I guess I need a new amp or two, and was wondering recommendations, and what info you need in order to give good advice. Car: 2011 Dodge Charger Hemi Sound deadened trunk (2-3 layers ballistics damper) Wire: 1/0 KnuConcepts to the amp, 10 gauge to the speakers Speakers: Two 12" SSA GCON dual 4ohm voice coils, 750W power handling, RMS Enclosure: wedge shaped, dual 12", 1.5^3 foot per side, sealed. Music: Really anything, mostly popular hits, rap, r&b Desires: Mostly SQ, but I want to feel it too :-) Price range: Uhhh... around $500 but under $1000 would be nice. Here is a pic of the box I built with the subs installed: Thanks!
  3. In the trunk of my 2011 Charger R/T Hemi powered by two 800W RMS @ 2ohm Infinity Kappa One amps.
  4. Definitely worth the wait. These hit like no other subs I've ever had - clear and loud. The 20mm of xmax is fun to watch as well. Unfortunately, the amps are hitting their thermal shutdowns aweful quick... Any suggestions on how to fix this?
  5. Wooo, UPS claims a 50 LB package will be delivered tomorrow. Now I'm excited.
  6. Mounted the amps. For now, I've decided to not use the 1.6 farad cap.
  7. Carpeted the box today! Ready with some glue: Mask up the holes so we don't get a bunch of spray adhesive inside. The first seam: A more complicated side seam: And all done up: Do the same for the otherside, and prep the speaker hole: Apply some glue and press it all down: Repeat for the other side, and all done!
  8. joemosfet

    Gcon 12" box build help

    The pre-designed enclosure offered by SSA for the Icon is 2.5 ft^3 ported. Take a look, this may be what you could use. http://www.soundsolutionsaudio.com/index.php/product-information/icon.html
  9. Finished building the box for now - all assembled and glued. I might add dowels or screws later. Here are the build pics: Here's the circle jig I made for my router to cut the holes: I then rounded the inner edge of the outer board for aesthetics. And then painted the areas black in case any cuts in the carpet show through. Perfect fit!
  10. Thanks! Your design is done, meet me in the chat
  11. Great, thanks! I have a pair of Infinity Kappa One amps 800RMS @ 2 ohms each. I have an oscilloscope to test the actual power output (and adjust crossovers, etc), and on a high-impedance load, i was actually able to get around 40Vpp before the amps start clipping (on a 100hz sine wave). Now, with a 2 ohm load, I'm sure the thermal shutdown circuits will kick in before hitting this voltage, but hopefully I'll still get around 700-750 watts on a 2 ohm load. I've got a 1.6 farad cap (yeah, yeah, i know), and am running 0/1 awg wires from the battery to the distribution, and then 2 awg to the amps.
  12. Hey, thanks all for the support! Heh, actually, I picked up sketchup just for this. It took me a few hours and a few attempts, but I think I got it down. It makes modeling pretty easy.
  13. joemosfet

    Hello from Denver!

    Just finished designing a box in Sketchup! Take a look: http://www.soundsolutionsaudio.com/forum/topic/56142-sealed-box-for-dual-12-gcons-to-fit-in-my-2011-charger-hemi/
  14. I just ordered a pair of GCON 12" D4 to be powered by a couple of 800W RMS amps. While waiting, I figured I'd build a box to fit in my trunk. After deciding I wanted to go with a sealed box to save room on space and measuring the insides of my trunk, I sat down with google sketchup and this is what I came up with. It will be cut from a sheet of 48"x96"x3/4" MDF, wood glued, and then wrapped in trunk-matching carpet. Let me know what you think!
  15. joemosfet

    Hello from Denver!

    Thanks for all the welcomes! I look forward to reading a whole pile of tasty info.