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  1. sumplikapimp78


    Cant wait till febuary. Sencheezy is the one who put me on to dss and I'm looking forward to running these this coming year
  2. sumplikapimp78

    Ethos and Trident preorder

    Are there anymore pre orders available still.
  3. sumplikapimp78

    Ethos 10's physical dimensions

    Wasn't trying to be that close to the 15. The 10's would seem more ideal. I'm sure I'll only run just 2 10's, the depth is most important.
  4. sumplikapimp78

    Ethos 10's physical dimensions

    I was hoping for the port to be above the baffles
  5. sumplikapimp78

    Ethos 10's physical dimensions

    Well in want to order two or three depending on the outside diameter specs. I'm sure I can squeeze in three but to want to make sure. I don't want my enclosure to look like s*&t. The space in have is only 15" high x 45.625" wide.
  6. Was thinking of ordering 10" Ethos was needing the physical dimension for these subs. Also needing recommended enclosure sizes for a ported enclosure.
  7. sumplikapimp78

    IAK needs an "IHOP"

    Thanks Chop for the welcome!! Glad to be apart of the Family will represent IAK proud in Northern Indiana.
  8. sumplikapimp78

    extra audio equipment

  9. sumplikapimp78

    extra audio equipment

    Brand new 10" DVC Polk Audio 60.00 Shipped Brand new RE 12" SXx series never been power or screwed down. 175.00 shipped Alpine SPR17C New but has been installed still in great condition. 65.00 Shipped Battery isolator never been installed or power ran through. 20.00 shipped Brand new 12" DVC Polk Audio 75.00 Shipped
  10. sumplikapimp78


  11. sumplikapimp78

    looking to buy a rockford 2500dbcp

    if co worker interested ill knock down to 1150 shipped.
  12. sumplikapimp78

    looking to buy a rockford 2500dbcp

    I Have one for sale T2500-dbcp, not used just mounted for show. Bought early last year, would take $1250.00 shipped. I still have original box including the spec sheet with born date and bench test specs. bought for my summer car and my summer car took a crap on me, so just had it to show friends what is was suppose to look like installed. i have pics if needed
  13. sumplikapimp78

    WTB> 2 10" Subwoofers

    i have 4 directed 10" sx10d barely used. only seen bout 2 hours playing time. have original boxes. 200.00 shipped
  14. sumplikapimp78

    Polo Shirts

    I like the idea, but would assume it would be a little expensive to have stock on all sizes for all sub series. Wasn't saying to stock them... Order them as the request comes in, should keep cost down and options for all styles and sizes. Once the design are loaded in the computer it should be easy to get these out, upon request. May take longer but if reppin what u got ill wait
  15. sumplikapimp78

    Slamology 2013 Homeowners Association Compaint

    I was at Slamology this and talk to one of the sheriffs. And told me that there is not a noise ordinance in that county. Even he said that the complaints were ridiculous. The was a Friday Saturday event. I believe that pre-event party Friday night was where the complaints came from and that was well after 7pm.