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  1. ok ill save one more check up and get two fully loaded bl's. suggestions now?
  2. loaded q's with dual 1 vc's
  3. i want to push them to their full rms. it will be for everyday use but with still alot of thump.
  4. SImple question. I need a suggestion for an amp to power 2 fi q 10's. Car: 2006 Pontiac G6 Budget: $500-$600 thanks in advance ~MadroX
  5. Koridan

    Speaker size???

    sorry this is a quick newbish question. What are the speaker sizes in the 2006 G6 model. WITHOUT the monsoon system...... sorry for the dumb question
  6. Koridan

    starting over.... ideas?

    i was looking at the FI Q10 as a potential winner for the sub choice. I have heard nothing but grea things about them. so yea. 2 of those pushing 1000w rms each. plus a sealed enclosure of only .4-1.2 cu^ft !!! thats great IMO
  7. Koridan

    starting over.... ideas?

    I have 13 remixes to chicken hunting including 3 bass mixes and the og also. But um, no. My best friends father is a life-long carpenter so he can make me one to my specs for free. Yea but I want to be loud and tight at the same time. i know its possible. especially with my budget. i would be willing to get 12's but i'd rather have 10's because i can "pimp" out my trunk with only 10's add lights mount the amp and all that good stuff. i dont want to take up so much space that all you see when you open the trunk is just 2 12" drivers and nothing else.... I mean I live in memphis so just wood and speakers doesn't cut it anymore
  8. Koridan

    starting over.... ideas?

    I want really loud bass and as tight and punchy as i can. i need that happy medium. so any ideas wha would be a good idea. keep in mind i also have $500 budge on the amp alone.... so the budget is seperate from the amp one. keep that in mind, because maybe you can kind of get an idea of what amp would go good with the subs
  9. Koridan

    starting over.... ideas?

    damn right im a juggalo... haha Anyway I was wanting whatever my budget could get me.... when i had my maw's i was overly pleased with them and i only had about 400w split between the 2 of them. so yea. if my budget can get me more than that than i will be happy. i noticed the ssa 10 d4's for $200 something i believe with 1000w rms. but i know xcons are super stout
  10. Ok so a long time ago I had the maw-15's, two of them, anyway they were amazing. but due to economic circumstances I had to regretfully sell them to make ends meet. Also along with my tiny but very stout amp. So here is the new deal going on... I have a better job now. new car. and a new budget. I drive a 2006 Pontiac g6 sedan.... I am looking into two subs for the car. i was wanting 10's because before i sold my maw's i tried to get them in the trunk of the g6 and it didnt work well. so Anyway 2 10's is what im looking at, or maybe 2 12's. budget is $500-$600 for both subs together. thanks in advance ~MadroX *Edit: Spelling Error
  11. I am trying to remove the factory speakers from the back deck of the G6 but I am Not sure how to remove them. The Speaker grills dont seem to pop off. There are some clips in the trunk around each speaker but when I undo those, all it does is loosen the entire back deck Any Idea on how to change? Also I have 6x8's from my old car I would like to put in. But the factory size is 6x9? Will it still work out Fitting the 6x8's in? Thanks in advance ~MadroX
  12. Okay so i got a new car and I dont have enough room for the maw-15's anymore. And from what I seen on the mach 5 website the ixl subs are susbstantialy more powerful than the maw series. I have a '06 pontiac g6 and I'm looking to get a pair of one of the ixl's. im looking to go as big as i can and get away with it in my given trunk space. The 10's look extremely good for the price and power. Would a pair of those out-do my maw-15's?
  13. imo... caps just look pretty. they serve no real purpose. Big 3 and wire upgrade would be way better than wasting money on a cap.
  14. What did you mean kW amps? The Pioneer is a good solid amp to use?
  15. well the pioneer is 600w rms, Im only running the one Maw so it fits just well? So yea. What about that?