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  1. Been awhile since Ive been on here but I Just purchased back my 2x 15" SSA Icon subs I first purchased around 11 years ago. I have/ had them in a 7.2 cubic foot box net tuned to 32 and it sounded great on the bass music and rap/ hip hop I used to listen to but not amazingly accurate/ punchy on rock, etc. Im looking to only use one of them in my 2010 Ram 1500. I currently have a 10" JL W7 in a sealed box in the truck and it sounds great and I love it but doesn't quite have the output Id like and planning to put 1 of the Icons in the truck. Im considering either Ported or sealed. I now listen to mainly bands like chainsmokers, club music, alt rock, heavy rock, and a bit of edm, etc. Looking for it to be very accurate on kick drums but also hit hard so you feel it in your chest. According to SSA optimal ported is around 3.5-4 net tuned to around 32hz but Im thinking about tuning a bit higher. Ive done some winisd modelling but its been a long time and just wanting to hear thoughts on these designs. My max dimensions are 20" wide, 24" deep by 22" high. This is one design i'm considering, is 2.25" wide too thin for port width? im worried about port velocity and noise \ Or if I go sealed this is what im thinking. Thanks again for any help
  2. codester

    Advice on budget Receiver

    Nice, ya part of me wishes I would have went 7.2 since we are planning on moving and buying a bigger house next time but plenty happy with it. My plan is slowly upgrading and just found a 300rms Bash amp for sale for around half of new 30 mins from me so might try building a sub box, have a Sundown E12 laying around. Also Shogen, hows the output of your 15" Xcon? I have 2 Xcon 12s that were old and the spider rotted and are shot so was thinking about reconing 1 to a 15 and just running that instead of the 2 12s as I cant afford doing that have a AQ2200 to power it. Also what do you have it tuned at? I had my 2 Icons at 32hz and was nice but my 2 XCon 12s were at 29 and that was pretty low.
  3. codester

    Advice on budget Receiver

    Just wanted to update for anyone that looks in the future, I ended up going with a Denon AVR-S510BT 5.2 amp and love it so far, 2 sub outputs, 5 or more HDMI inputs, Bluetooth audio and a really cool app that you can download and control through Bluetooth, you can turn on the amp, switch inputs and change volume through your phone. Also picked up a JBL 12" sub with 250rms amp and some Mission 782 towers used for $300. have a cheap center and rears but sounds good for music and Home theatre, I may build a new sub tuned lower in future for HT lows but its plenty good for me for now. Id definitely recommend going this route and slowly building up the system vs home theatre in a box as Im into it for $600 CAD and kills any systems ive heard in that price range.
  4. codester

    Advice on budget Receiver

    Been looking for awhile now and everything is pretty old and close to the price this Denon is. I'll b shopping craigslist for temporary speakers and subs. I like having the Bluetooth too as my wife uses it to listen to music while she's cooking etc so going with an older receiver I'll lose that. Just wanna know am I limitting future upgrades a lot with this budget of receiver or will it be good enough as long as I don't want 7.1 or something super crazy? Just wanna make sure I'm not missing some thing I should be looking for in a receiver I'm missing or wattage and extra features basically it?
  5. codester

    Advice on budget Receiver

    Looking for some advice on a budget Home Theatre Receiver. I currently have a soundbar and sub and its not bad but would like something better, Main goal is probably for music but will also be watching movies etc but would rather it sound great on music then be amazing on Movies. Usually I would have done more research but Christmas is coming up so I need ideas for the Wife and family. Budget is max of around $400 Canadian for a decent receiver and ill pick up some used speakers and then later I will build a couple towers and a sub with separate components. Is a receiver with 70rms enough for a decent set of towers or is home audio like car audio and I could run the speaker wire to a separate amp in the towers? Im currently interested in a Denon AVR510BT 5.2 receiver as it has good reviews, Bluetooth and the two sub output couldbe handy if I wanted a sub for HT and a different for music. My main question is is this going to be decent enough to expand over time? I know I wont have the 7.1 for expanding to multiple rooms etc but thats just not in my Christmas budget. Also my livingroom is tiny right now and doubt my next house will have a very big one either. Any tips or suggestions?
  6. codester

    Recone black friday deals?

    Just had my two old 12" Xcons each blow a coil. one the spider rotted right out. (were old when I got them and that was over 2 years ago) Any chance of any deals on Recones for black Friday? Im in Canada and with exchange and shipping Im paying as much for a recone as people in the US are paying for a complete new Xcon. Thanks,
  7. codester

    zv3 or x series

    For that budget why not go with a ZV4 or SSA Evil (on sale well below your budget) Oh just noticed you are in BC like me. So a Evil or ZV4 would be a bit over ($920 for a EVIL) What amp are you running? Electrical? you may be better off going a bit cheaper (IE SSA XCON, Icon,Sundown X series) And making sure you have adequate power/electrical. Ive had 2x15" Icons and now have 2x12" Xcons and would recommend looking into them (either would be better than the ones you meantime your family having. Or if you just want to get loud SOundqubed have some cheaper options that supposedly get loud but not as known for sound quality like the SSA subs which are loud and very detailed.
  8. codester

    Pictures of your new equipment

    Just picked up this new Soundqubed 2200 off a guy never used for $200, Im up in Canada so this would be almost $700 new to buy so I am super stoked, Should be alot louder than my JL JX1000 at 4 ohm, 250 watts each hasn't really woken up my SSA Xcon 12s
  9. codester

    Samsung smart phones

    i loved using my Samsung phones but I am very hard on phones and had them in for warranty work almost as much as when they were working, things like charging ports wearing out, random crashing etc, all three I had in a 3 year period went away so many times they replaced them and didnt make it close to 2 years even with the replacement. My Nexus 4 was my last android and I went and got an Iphone 5s, ive had it for almost 2 years and have never once had an issue or had to send it in. I miss the Android sometimes but got sick of phones dying on me.
  10. I figured it out. I did have to go through my headunit settings and turn on the internal amp. Thanks for the help! Glad you figured that out I had that happen once and took me a few minutes to realize it, Id upgrade to a different amp because it sounds like either some settings on the amp were wrong or your amp has some issues. post a pic of the side of the amp where all the settings are and we can see if something is amiss.
  11. What model is you headunit? Some headunits have a setting to turn off the units internal amp so that when you have an amp running them the speaker wires aren't energized.
  12. codester

    Dual 12" Xcon Box

    Any advice on this? Do my calculations look good? The subs are in a premade ported box under 3 cubic feet that I got with the subs and they are crying for a better box.
  13. codester

    Dual 12" Xcon Box

    Hi, Been out of the game for a bit after selling my system, 2x15" SSA Icons in 7.2cubes net 32hz on Crescendo BC2000D. Anyways Im picking up 2 12" SSA Xcons for a crazy price and want to put them in my 03 Dodge 3500. I only want to lose 1 seat so dimensions are a bit tight. 32" tall x21" wide by 25" deep. I think I can get around 5 cubic feet net, (may be able to gain an inch or two on depth) question is how much port area should I aim for? They will be ran on low power, JL JX1000 for now so only 500rms each. Probably wont be adding much more as I dont have the money for electrical or space. if I aim for 70+ and around 5 cubic feet would that be ok? Thanks, Codester
  14. codester

    old re sub

    Thats what Im thinking, Would I be able to use a fi recone for the HC on it?
  15. codester

    old re sub

    So I just picked up a used sub and Im trying to figure out what it is, any ideas?