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  1. Here's a few pics of my MB QUART ONX1.1000D amp. I got it at sonic electronix for 150 shipped. It puts out 1000 watts rms at 1 ohm. I put in a pic of the amp guts since there aren't many of this amp online
  2. lethalmoon

    buying new subs

    Hi i have a 1999 Chevy Tahoe and im buying 2 new subs soon. im thinking of going with the saa xcons 15"s or the ssa zcon 12"s which would be better for the lows (40 and lower) the zcons or xcons. also thinking about getting a crescendo BC3500D to power them is that a good amp. thanks
  3. lethalmoon

    hi i'm a new member

    Hi my name is keith, im from washington state, and i'm a new member to ssa but I've been making subwoofer boxes for 3+ years and have also installed a few car audio systems too.