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  1. BaSs_I_LoVe_YoU

    Welcome to Kansas!

    yea heard about that hopeu all are safe..im up at KU so we had one up here also Rock Chalk Jayhawk!
  2. BaSs_I_LoVe_YoU

    Does it actually work?

    Heres the website: http://www.seafoamsales.com
  3. BaSs_I_LoVe_YoU

    Does it actually work?

    Hey guys you have prob heard of Seafoam. The stuff thats suppose to give u better mpg and clean out ur car etc..Plus it makes really cool smoke effects out of ur exhaust! I want to know does it actually work and can it harm you engine?? because i just got a new Jeep GC limited and i was wanting to do this to see the cool white thick smoke but i dont want to piss off my engine..i called my local jeep dealership and hey said that most of the sh*t they listed on there web site is a lie and its all marketing! so does it work? what is your experiences with it? thanks!
  4. BaSs_I_LoVe_YoU

    Fi Subwoofer for Home Theatre?

    cool yea im def gonna try it!
  5. BaSs_I_LoVe_YoU

    Fi Subwoofer for Home Theatre?

    hey guys im sum what of a A/V junkie and i own a velodyne sub..its the VRP series..and i love the sub but i want something a bit more bassier and a bit bigger...i currently own a 15" fi bl for my car so i know what fi's can do..but how about for home theatres..i knw there subs are made for cars but is it possible for home theatres,,i was thinking a 10 or 12 ssd? thanks
  6. BaSs_I_LoVe_YoU

    New Box!! New Car!!

    Hey everyone i have a 15" bl loaded and am needing a new box. i recently got a 2006 Jeep grand cherokee 4.7l (new body style) and im looking to get a new box for it...my box is kinda banged up and a bit small since i had a honda accord...im not much of a carpenter and i was wondering if anyone had a good box for my Fi bl 15"?? around 3-4cu and tuned to 30-35Hz?? i am putting 1500w daily to the sub. or if anyone can build one for me!!! i have looked all over the internet and there either crap from bestbuy thats not up to par for the BL or not tuned right! so please email me!! shipped to 66209 Thanks!
  7. BaSs_I_LoVe_YoU

    Fi Shirts

    if im gonna buy A Fi shirt im buyin from Scott!
  8. BaSs_I_LoVe_YoU


    sweet just wat i wanted to know! thanks!
  9. BaSs_I_LoVe_YoU


    im going to build my box today for my Fi BL 15" and i looked onlinw of what to use and it says to use Panhead sheet metal screws? shouldnt i use wood screws or are those wood screws?? and it also says to use drywall screws? why use drywall screws? whats the diffrence? and where do they go?
  10. BaSs_I_LoVe_YoU

    O yea!

    ill have pics and everything up later today!!
  11. BaSs_I_LoVe_YoU

    BTL18 in trunk

    acura tl
  12. BaSs_I_LoVe_YoU


    lol cool thanks! i got the rest! ill post pics when im finished! im not gonna carpet it so its not gonna look to pretty! but w/e
  13. BaSs_I_LoVe_YoU


  14. BaSs_I_LoVe_YoU


    yea that was a bit confusing.. im mean like you have a port..and the piece of goes back into the box...you glue that in and screw it in right?
  15. BaSs_I_LoVe_YoU


    hey i have a couple last minute questions! i need to cut a hole for the sub to fit in! On the Fi web site i have a Bl 15" does the CUT ID: 14.125" mean thats the size of the hole across i cut?? and for the port i should screw those into the box on the top and bottom not just glue right?? Thanks! -Ryan