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  1. Tenacious

    [FS] 2 ZCON 12s - D1

    Reconed one sold. Other still available.
  2. Tenacious

    Sa 12 crossover past 50hz

    The enclosure also plays a large role in the bandwidth of the subwoofer. I usually have a ~60hz crossover but all of my recent installs have used 3" coil drivers which inherently have more inductance.
  3. Tenacious

    [FS] 2 ZCON 12s - D1

  4. Tenacious

    [FS] 2 ZCON 12s - D1

  5. Tenacious

    [FS] 2 ZCON 12s - D1

    Buy me
  6. Tenacious

    [FS] 2 ZCON 12s - D1

    Buy me. Remember that I'm willing to seperate
  7. Tenacious

    [FS] 2 ZCON 12s - D1

    Bump. Buyer fell through.
  8. Tenacious

    [FS] 2 ZCON 12s - D1

    It's been sitting for about 2 years since I've had it. I don't know when the switch to yellow spiders was made but it's been a while.
  9. Tenacious

    [FS] 2 ZCON 12s - D1

    1. Product: 2 Sound Solutions Audio ZCON 12s. Both are D1s. 2. Specs: Underrated 2250w RMS each. D1 coils. 3. Description/Condition: One in good, used condition. One with a brand new recone and basket. Glue on dust cap isn't perfect, but it isn't bad either. 4. Price: : $700 shipped for both or $375 shipped each lower 48 only. No trades. 5. Pictures:
  10. Tenacious

    [FS] SSA ZCON 12 D1

    Going back home this weekend; bumping this up.
  11. Tenacious

    [FS] SSA ZCON 12 D1

    $600 picked up for both ZCONs at world finals in Nashville. I'm taking a huge loss on these but need the money.
  12. Tenacious

    Box for custom built re destoyer

    We don't even know the size of the subwoofer...
  13. Tenacious

    Team IAK IronMan Explorer

    Nice RCAs
  14. Tenacious

    RCA choices

    We post electrical measurements of our cables, thank you for your concerns
  15. Tenacious

    RCA choices

    Depending on your application and budget, they may or may not be "worth it" for you. All of our cables are shielded, constructed with very nice cable and connectors that tightly grip RCA jacks, and come with a lifetime warranty. Personally, I would prefer buying one nice set of RCA cables I could use throughout multiple installs rather than buy multiple cheap sets of RCAs. As far as twisted pair goes - unless you have balanced differential outputs/inputs then they're borderline useless. In car audio, differential is very rarely used (symbilink uses it) and when differential isn't used, shielding is the #1 form of noise rejection. Cable routing is still important as always, but even passing over stock wiring can introduce noise, which can be unavoidable in many cars. One last thing - all of our cables are assembled in the USA and tested before we ship them out.