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  1. 1200 bandit

    Ranger Front Stage (pic heavy)

  2. 1200 bandit

    Think these will smoke?

    X2 bingo
  3. It's all in the design.

  4. 1200 bandit

    box for a 15" BTL in a toyota 4runner

    nice work
  5. 1200 bandit

    Sir-Lancelot's Yukon XL - UPDATE 18" ZCONS / 4 GP3k Page 27

    Old guys do nice work.Lol:popcorn: Looking good.
  6. 1200 bandit

    Box is finished. Now for a Subwoofer

    That's a big box or small car. Lol
  7. Build,boom,re-bulid

  8. One step away from 150 in the trunk with 1 -12

  9. 1200 bandit

    best 8" sub or subs for mid-bass

    As for a sub the American Bass XD8 works good. Mid-bass..........I do not know.
  10. 1200 bandit

    help with box

    16.5x13.5x18= 2.3 cu.ft before port; those are inside box numbers, Most 12's will work in that size box.
  11. 1200 bandit

    Box Impedance Rise.

    I did a lot of testing on this subject an gained like a .1 on the DMM by skipping the terminals. Box tuning is the only thing that really helped me cut down on box rise. If this is a street box only 1.5 is good. Good luck.
  12. 1200 bandit

    help with box

    the box cant be wider dan 18 inches,it cant be more dan 15 inches high,dept cant be more dan 21 inches,im looing 2 go ported by d way What is the inside dimensions of the your trunk?
  13. Getting Louder !!!!


    1. Sir-Lancelot


      Set up down town and ask a cop how loud you are. You know they have meters for ears right? lol

    2. 1200 bandit

      1200 bandit

      I know rigth. lol