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  1. boatboy

    Sa12 or Sa15?

    i have room for a 15 have the box plans i wanna use already, whats the way to go 2 or 4 ohm sa15? i have a hifi 1000d mono block. I dont have any pics of the tline i owned the phone they were on is in a few pieces now.
  2. boatboy

    Sa12 or Sa15?

    I sold that box, they need to be made for that exact sub your gonna use in it. Just looking for advice man and looking at gcons i say your crx on youtube if i had the room i would do something like that but i have a corolla trunk to deal with.
  3. boatboy

    Sa12 or Sa15?

    My old set up was a single 12 in a tline box, it was the loudest box ive made so far.
  4. boatboy

    Sa12 or Sa15?

    What would be louder an sa12 in a tline or a sa 15 in a lport? Amp suggestions?
  5. boatboy

    help for sa 15 box

    I have an older corolla, i want to go with a 4.0 ft^3 slot-port tuned @ 32Hz. Its a small trunk the max dimensions are 33x16.5x21.