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  1. few weeks into the use and all I can say is this sounds as good as I can tell to my soundstream refs but doesnt get hot and has a ton of power bridged . I am getting like 400x2 on this thing bridged. its rated 133x4 but its stronger than that according to my tech and his equipment. It is better than any of the class D i have run and he also thinks its a good one. I have run literally hundreds of amps and quite a few on the setup I have now and I have no reason to change other than maybe to match my sub amp but that would require me to find a smoking deal on a amp I never see go for cheap
  2. Fish much? what a useful post, thanks a lot. others will really appreciate that helpful and informative post. anyhow. I had a chance to listen to it in the car turned up loud. bridged giving somewhere in neighborhood of 300x2@4ohms. its loud and clear. I was pleased with the output. I have at times had other class D amps that sounded harsh when volume was really loud. this one like my tech said didnt sound strained. I am running a SK125.4D replacing a Soundstream Ref500sx.
  3. Can he name the brand amps he has looked at? I have used skars high end SK series amp and was happy with it's performance. But as a company it sucks! Also their subs might get loud but have poor sound quality. my tech repairs thousands of amps a year. he has made some of his own and then sold the finished design to other companies but he cant tell me who because its in the contract. He was the repair tech for ED but he has also contracted for Pioneer and Alpine. Let just say this. He can take most any amp and make it better or find where the week spots are and improve them. he has amps that cost thousands . He is not some hack job repairman. He has the equipment to repair even the newest stuff that in some cases most cant . I would trust my tech over Steve Mantz any day of the week. he told me this 125.4 was actually well made and he hates Chinese amps and most of the amps that some people think are good. he knows more than probably most of us on all these forums. He is not just a repairman but he is also inside the loop and knows what he is talking about .
  4. I picked up a 125.4D from my repair tech..never heard one but he said it puts out more than rated and sounds pretty clean. I will soon find out. Just curious the deal on the amps and company., Most of what I have seen is not that favorable but I dont know if that is the owner or the product. my tech is a engineer and he reverse engineered the amp and had good things to say about it. better quality that he has seen in a while.
  5. I would like to compare it against a new PPI class d 4 channel to see if all the time they spent on it produced results or just junk. I can't find squat for user reviews of the vlx4150
  6. While not class A it is an excellent amp. It's build quality is hard to find in today's world. It's a 10+ yr old amp that still works and is still sought after by many. And not for the silly "A" label. It will sound great for mids/ highs but be a waste on sub unless your going to load it down to make the power and then it would still be a waste. It wasn't really meant for a sub. It's old and nice. If u were not trying to run class D for efficiency I would be running okd soundstream. I have owned nearly everything and the old SS is tops for many reasons. There is a reason some amps outlive others
  7. PPI phantom 1000.1. Stout small amp.
  8. gentlejax

    1 sundown SA8 enough?

    Why do you guys keep talking IB when I said 2x I am no longer doing that
  9. gentlejax

    1 sundown SA8 enough?

    I will look for some cheap 10's that don't need lot of power. Installed a pair of Polk in my buddies car and it's pretty good considering we paid $100 pair
  10. gentlejax

    1 sundown SA8 enough?

    First off there is some confusion here. I WAS going to do IB but as I stated I DIDNT LIKE my choices. So I had decided to see if there was an 8 that could run like a 10 to save space. I only have 400 watts right now but that will change. I was going to run a 5 channel Boston GT 5750 amp. But that will be temp most likely
  11. gentlejax

    1 sundown SA8 enough?

    I am not a basshead but do like to crank it a little for fun. car currently has no system in it but I got all the stuff except the sub(s) . I was going to try IB on the rear deck but I just dont like whats out there so I have decided to try to get the most bass out of the least amount of space. after I saw some little DD 6inch subs at local shop I decided to try maybe 8's . would 1 SA-8 be enough? I think all the reviews show people with multiple SA-8 I really need more time to research all this stuff. I didnt realize these were that cheap
  12. I have a guy that wants to trade my md42 for a AX4300 and Kicker zx750.1 . His AX4300 has a bad channel maybe. My problem is I have read some things about the AX when first released having issues. he bought this from IKES. anyone got any info or advice on how to know if this amp was a first run or not? his amp has static on 1 channel also.
  13. gentlejax

    is the MD42 a good amp?

    using it now. works fine. just need to decide if it stays or goes. lol
  14. gentlejax

    is the MD42 a good amp?

    thanks for the reply. what was the mis information about or do you know? I havnt got the md42 in possession yet. hopefully tomorrow.
  15. gentlejax

    is the MD42 a good amp?

    whats with the 90amps in fusing? and what was the deal with the recall on the MD line? I havnt found any info on that. might be helpful to know if that was true or not and what models manufacture date. if I needed to have it fixed for a recall it would be nice to know what was wrong if indeed there was a issue thanks Aaron btw