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  1. bose301s

    Evil comeback?!

    Who's making them now?
  2. bose301s

    What is considered Sundown's SQ sub?

    Pretty much what I figured. The SD-8 definitely looks like a great sub and it would be fun to run a pair of them is ~1cu sealed. Do you think I would get similar or better output to my HO 12?
  3. I was just curious. I currently an using a Dayton HO DVC12 which does an admirable job, however compared to it's predecessor, an Acoustic Elegance AV12, well, let's just say there is no comparison. The only resin I switched is because I was forced to, the AV12 was stolen and has not been made since the 2010 timeframe. Since it looks to be at least a bit longer until they come back I was thinking of posting with a few subs in the meantime.
  4. bose301s

    Sundown : Reference SQ Component Set

    Still waiting on this.
  5. Asked Sundown this and will all you too, what you would consider your SQ sub? Again they all look to have a consideration for SQ and not be pure SPL or one note wonders, but again maybe 60-40 street beater vs. SQ. Do you have any plans for an SQ reference sub as well?
  6. Just curious what you would consider your SQ sub, they all look nice but seem to be more daily beater oriented and slightly less SQ oriented, maybe 60-40 that way. Also, do you have any plans for an SQ reference sub?
  7. bose301s

    Sundown : Reference SQ Component Set

    Ok, I will ask now, any update on these?
  8. bose301s

    Sundown : Reference SQ Component Set

    Very interested in the Mid by itself. I have the CSS XBL tweeters already so don't need to change per se, but trying the mid would be nice. Nice ot see some of the Dan Wiggins and ADi designs being licensed out, definitely good stuff. How about some Reference SQ subs now?
  9. bose301s

    Exodus Anarchy 4 ohm Mids

    not very far down but still bump it up for interest.
  10. bose301s

    Exodus Anarchy 4 ohm Mids

    Jake was asked the goal of the Neo 6.5s, here is his response: These are those higher linear x-max drivers!!
  11. Been talking to Kevin from DIY Cable about the Anarchy mids and found out that he has a 4 ohm version designed. He has not been able to get enough orders to make a production run, but he is trying to give it a go. He needs 150 drivers preordered, a tall task I know but hopefully between all the car and other sites we can get it done. Here is the link: http://www.diycable.com/main/product_info.php?cPath=24&products_id=538 Now order some!!
  12. bose301s

    Sundown Trade-In Program Part III

    Yay, glad to see that this is back!
  13. bose301s

    SAE-1200D V.2 Teaser Pics !

    Same build house as the first SAE-1200D? You go through a lot of models Jake
  14. bose301s

    Biggest Sundown Sale Ever!

    If I needed anything from Sundown I would jump on these prices for sure, sadly, or not, I don't need anything, lol.
  15. bose301s

    Please don't PM me on here

    Ok, email sent Jake