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  1. Bumpin300

    12" and 15" subwoofer blowout

    what are the sealed box requirements for the 15" driver? Thanks
  2. Bumpin300

    ***** SPL 12 Pre-Order *****

    For those that have tested these, how do they stack up against a digital designs 3512d in SQ and SPL (on aprox 2500 wrms). Thanks
  3. Every wiring diagram that I have found does not include dual 1 ohm drivers. I am curoius what the ohm load would be for 3 dual 1 ohm drivers wired in series/parallel. I know it will be somewhere between 1.0 and 0.5 ohms. Thanks
  4. Bumpin300

    Sub Collection for Sale

    never mind as i can not port this driver properly.
  5. Bumpin300

    ***** SPL 12 Pre-Order *****

    How do these drivers respond to lower tuning? 52 hz is a little high for daily listening (as is 3.5 cf for a 12" sub).
  6. Bumpin300

    ***** SPL 12 Pre-Order *****

    3.5 cf tuned high. What exactly is tuned high 35, 38, 40, 45? also the coils are D2, but is that nominal or DCR? thanks
  7. When using the online port length calculator, http://www.carstereo.com/help2/Articles.cfm?id=31 , when it says to input the internal cf of my box do i use the gross - bracing - driver displacement or do I use gross - bracing - driver displacement - estimated port displacement? IE i have 5.2 cf gross internel volume. I will have about 4.6-4.7 after bracing and woofer displacement. Should I use 4.6 as my internal cf or should I use 4.0 cf as I am estimating the port will take up .6-.7 cf? btw the port size is 19x3. Thanks very much
  8. Bumpin300

    need some help with port length

    ok so i went to that page and I am trying to solve for dv as you must solve dv seperately when you have a slot port. but I am stumped on what the ^0.5 means in the equation - Dv' = 2*((W*H)/pi)^0.5 thanks
  9. Hello, I have a box designed and it currently has 4.6 cubic feet net internal volume after wall thickness/drivers/bracing. I would like to port this box and the port face is 13.5hx4w. What length would the port need to be to tune the box to 33hz and 35hz? Also what would the lenght need to be if the port face was 13.5hx4.5w? Thanks
  10. Bumpin300

    HiT dEM LoWS!

    yeah that is the disk I am staring at right now enjoy
  11. Bumpin300

    HiT dEM LoWS!

    I am glad you found the website Another personal favourite is the Beethoven album with "Piano Sonata #14." It is not a bass track, but it is so beautiful on decent mids/tweets. Most would recognise this song as "Moonlight Sonata."
  12. Bumpin300

    HiT dEM LoWS!

    Ok The one RIckRolled is refering to is Tchaikovsky 1812 by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, recorded by Telarc. The one I was refering to is The Great Fantasy Adventure Album, recorded by Telarc. Both come with warnings about content. The 1812 says the cannons are recorded at extremely high levels and the Fantasy album says bass notes go as low as 5 hz!!!! The Fantasy album is also on a limited edition 24K gold disk.
  13. Bumpin300

    HiT dEM LoWS!

    RIckRolled is talking about one and I mentioned a second disk. I will get the exact names when I get home from work. The titles will be close to what is already mentioned, the 1812 overture by Tchaikovsky and Fantasy. Telarc records and mixes them on gold disks to be the absolute best sound quality recordings available.
  14. Bumpin300

    HiT dEM LoWS!

    Telarc's 1812 Overture goes lower than any of the ones you listed... That disk is sick. I bought that when I was competing in SQ a few years ago. Also the Telarc disk Fantasy has some bass that is so low you don't even hear it but your car shakes. It has the t-rex tremor footsteps from Jurassic Park, then when you least expect it BAM a t-rex roar to freak you out. quite cool actually. Gold disks FTW!