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  1. RooTxBeeR

    Box size recommendation

    I know what the recommendations are, 1.8-2.5, where in that is what I am asking for on suggestions based on my power to the subs. What other research would you suggest on my part to figureing that out then?
  2. RooTxBeeR

    Box size recommendation

    I asked for box size recommendations and answered with telling me how my goals are off with that budget, even though I never stated a budget. SSD's are rated for 1k, M2b does 1400 at 12v, and 2400 at 14.4. I don't see how that is so bad, they will probably only ever see 100watts over at most, not going to make a difference. Along with you telling me that I didn't take his help correctly, or I misunderstood it, then you must have not read his replies, because they where not relevant to what I asked.
  3. RooTxBeeR

    Box size recommendation

    Ok, no shit on setting the gains right. I still have yet to receive a proper answer. Running those subs, on around 2200-2400 watts, what is the suggested box size. I have a DD-1 so setting the gains is no problem. Also I might add, M5, that is just sad that you would post such idiotic and troll-tastic shit to someone who is just looking for a simple answer. I am not a idiot, nor have I even put myself out there like/as one. It is no wonder forums like these are so tiny, and people don't like coming here.
  4. RooTxBeeR

    Box size recommendation

    What? You adjust the box size based on the power they are receiving. They are rated for 1000 watts, and the M2b will put out around 2400 watts at alt charging levels. What size of a box would you suggest for that power to those subs,
  5. RooTxBeeR

    Box size recommendation

    I don't understand a damn thing your saying. I just want to know the recommended box size for 2 Fi SSD 12's running on a DD Audio M2b...
  6. RooTxBeeR

    Box size recommendation

    What budget? I never said a budget. Are you saying my alt power will be to little? what else would you like to know? The car is a 91 civic hatchback Dx. Will have big 3 and runs to the back all in 1/0.
  7. RooTxBeeR

    Box size recommendation

    I am looking into getting 2 Fi SSD 12's and powering them with a DD audio M2b on anywhere from 200A or higher worth of amperage from the alt(s). What would be the recommended box size if I am wanted to be able to play to the high 20's with authority, want to be able to pick up songs like Sugga Cooker, Put On. Also, what is the benefit of Flatwind Coils?